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Theoretical Perfect Casting

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to bring you the fruits of a research project involving myself and several other members of a discord server regarding Morrowind's custom spell mechanics, and how to abuse them maliciously in order to achieve perfect spellcasting.

As I'm sure you all are familiar with, the Morrowind spellcrafting system allows the player to create custom spells containing up to 8 different effects from across the six schools of magic, with each effect being detailed with its own range, radius, magnitude, and duration. The more effects added to a spell, and the stronger they are, the harder they become to cast, and the more magicka they cost to successfully cast.

By default, the game assigns your custom spell to one of the six schools of magic, those being Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Restoration. This is the skill the custom spell will use to determine how hard it is for you to cast, and what skill to assign exp to after every successful cast. But how does the game determine this?

By default, the game finds the singular effect that would be the most difficult for your character to cast on its own, and assigns that spell effect's school as the spell's school. IE, if the hardest effect is a Fire Damage effect, the spell is Destruction. But a few spells take priority over all others.

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Teleportation effects like Almsivi and Divine Intervention, Mark, and Recall take priorty first, in alphabetical order if more than one is included. Following that, it proritizes the Cure effects(Poison, Paralysis, Common Disease, Blight Disease) in alphabetical order, then Water Walking/Breathing, and then Summon/Bound Item effects.

The one we care about in this list is the Cure effects, as they're the most rife for repeated manipulation and abuse. Cure effects have an inherent skew to their difficulty that allows them to always take precedence over other effects, if one is willing to put in the effort do the math. This means that a player can force any spell in the game to fall under the Restoration school.

Cure Common Disease is the most efficient of these, as over time it becomes more likely to override the difficulty of increasingly-stronger spell effects. As you forge more and more powerful spells, simply add a Cure Common Disease on touch effect with an Area >0. Increase the area until the custom spell registers as Restoration(might want to save scum if you don't have high gold quantities, as it can take some trial and error to find the right value), and no matter the other 7 effects, your spell uses the Restoration school.

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This means that you can prioritize only 1 spell school on a single character. Combine this with Fortify Restoration spells and other methods of pushing your Restoration skill to insane heights, and you will never fail another spell again. The only limit will be your Magicka pool. However, as you fortify your Restoration skill, the max amount of magicka a spell can cost while still having a 100% cast chance increases with your Restoration skill, as they are now all Restoration spells, significantly increasing your "Magicka Budget". This process allows a character to effectively cast any spell they can think of, 100% of the time, using only 1 of the 6 magicka skills.

TL:DR – Make a custom spell. Use Cure Common Disease on Touch in an area as one of the effects, move the Area slider until the custom spell is flagged as Restoration. Max out your Restoration skill with assorted methods of reaching over 100 in a skill, cast any spell you want as a Restoration spell, and always succeed 100% of the time.


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