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Theories: Creating a New Heart of Lorkhan

Content of the article: "Theories: Creating a New Heart of Lorkhan"

So lately I've been thinking a lot about the Heart of Lorkhan, and ways it could be duplicated. We already know this is possible since Sotha Sil created a mechanical version of it. I thought it would be interesting to explore the various ways one could go about creating a third heart, as I'm sure there are multiple methods that could do it.

First, we have to understand what the Heart is. In basic terms, it is Lorkhan's power and sphere separated from his spirit, yet still in physical form. Personally I think of it as similar to an animus cut off from the AE, the "energy" of Lorkhan cut away from his true self. The Heart is capable of bestowing godlike power upon mortal beings, enough to put them on par with a Daedric Prince, but this power is limited and must be renewed over time. What seems important to make note of is that the Heart itself seemingly contains unlimited power. If we do consider the Heart to be a physical embodiment of Lorkhan's animus, then it would likely radiate energy like any other soul, and being a divine, this energy would never deplete.

With that in mind, let's move on to ways in which the Heart could be duplicated. I can think of a few possibilities:

-The Dark Heart: This would be a version of the Heart created through necromancy. Hundreds, if not thousands of souls, would be trapped, their animuses then harvested, and bound into a suitable vessel. While it might seem impossible to trap the number of required souls, one must bear a particular source in mind: the Soul Cairn. The place contains an abundance of soul energy to harvest, and given enough time and dedication the required number of souls could most likely be acquired. Then, of course, there is the issue of a vessel. While this is more than likely the most difficult stage of the process, I do believe that a skilled enough group of necromancers could create something between a supermassive black soul gem or a flesh construct capable of containing the energy. The downside here, of course, is that the energy would have to be continuously replenished, although it would not be impossible to accomplish this.

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-Daedra Lord Heart: A version of the Heart created the same way the original was, except with a Daedric Prince; tear their spirit from their power/sphere of influence, then reshape the power into a new Heart. Obviously, this would be incredibly dangerous and require a master wizard at the bare minimum, but I do not believe it to be impossible. Mortals have fought Daedra Lords and defeated them head on; notable examples being the Vestige of ESO and Martin Septim. Mannimarco also plotted to steal the power of Molag Bal at one point, a process that would have been similar to what I am discussing. Case and point, a Daedra Lord is not unbeatable, and separating them from their sphere/power is not impossible. It would simply require a highly powerful being, and one who understands how to separate, trap, and manipulate a Daedric Prince's power. If done correctly and successfully, a Daedric version of the Heart of Lorkhan could be created. Unlike the above example, this version of the Heart would be more or less identical to the original in capabilities, as it came from such a similar source. Again, the drawback is fisticuffs with a near omnipotent being, so I wouldn't consider this option ideal.

-Composite Heart: A version of the Heart created from Heart Stones, then possibly empowered further by another energy source. As we know, Heart Stones contain a very tiny amount of the Heart of Lorkhan's power. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to theorize that a new Heart could be constructed if enough Heart Stones (most likely several hundred at the bare minimum) were collected, and their energies combined. I do not personally believe harvesting all of Red Mountain would be enough to create a Heart as powerful as the original, as the Heart Stones are more or less irradiated fragments and it is doubtful their combined energy comes close to the original Heart. However, this is where my earlier point about the nature of the Heart's energy comes into play. If the original Heart of Lorkhan is truly similar to the physical manifestation of an animus, then I theorize that the residual energies of Heart Stones could be used as a point of study to "synthesize" divine energy from an existing source. Another possibility is combining said residual energy into an existing source directly, polluting it in the hope that Lorkhan's energies would "irradiate" it into divine energy, i.e. similarly to what the Heart did to Heart Stones in the first place. This would likely, if done properly, create a Heart with the exact same power and capabilities as the original. The drawback here, however, is obvious: finding the additional energy source to be converted. Personally I believe using a certain number Welkynd stones, Sigil stones, or another source of magical energy would fit for this purpose, as magical energy is intended to be harvested and manipulated. And while rare, there really is no shortage of artifacts with great magical power that could be harvested for such a purpose.

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I'm interested to hear other theories about how new Hearts could be created. What are you guys thoughts on this?


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