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(Theory) Lorkhan has made this the last Kalpa.

Where to start? This theory starts at the end of the merethic Era and spans all the way to the current time in the fourth Era.

Despite the apparent death of the God of man he came back to the world he created time and time again through his avatars. But how does that lead to my statement? It's not always the doing of just his own avatar, but the consequences of his involvement.

The first Avatar, Pelinal Whitestrake a slayer of uncountable elves and liberator of mankind, champion of Al-Esh. He defeated the Aylied high-commander and elven demigod Umaril the unfeathered. He was one of the main reasons that the Alessians won their uprising and founded the first empire and later on the Alessian order which solidified the rule of mankind, but more importantly thanks to the Marukhati Selective and a ritual that resulted in a dragonbreak, the very god of time Auri-El became Akatosh, removing his elven aspects. A change fundamental the Kalpa cycle.

Now it gets confusing as we have not one, but three people that championed man, they are also considered to be Shezarrine, another name for the avatar of Lorkhan. These three were Alive or perhaps more fitting, present at roughly the same time.

Zurin Arctus the founder of the mages guild, he made peace with the tribunal and procured the Numidium and gave his heart to create the Mantella.

The ageless King Wulfharth, first dragon of the north. Who ruled for a thousand years, he saved the nords who's lifespan was being eaten by Alduin. He too is said to have used his own heart to create the Mantella. After his death Shezarr remade him and he tried to retrieve his heart at red mountain.

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Lastly, Tiber Septim the founder of the third empire he used the Mantella and the Numidium to conquer Tamriel and it is said that he became a divine after his death, but no, he always was one. Back during the first empire and before the Alessian order he was already worshiped as the lost ninth divine Shezarr.

(The underking should also be mentioned as he is either and undead Form of Zurin or Wulfharth. He made sure that the essence of Lorkhan that was trapped in the Mantella made it back to Lorkhan itself so that none may use it to power the Numidium again to challenge the rule of man.

That was when another dragonbreak happened with one result across the board, the removal of the Numidium from the ongoing flow of time so that it would not be used again.

I hope I got this right, the warp in the west is very confusing for me)

Lorkhan spent two Eras to move the world so people would believe in him or "Talos" again enough so that he became a Divine once more, even without his heart.

He changed the world he made once more to favor mankind by removing the dense and deadly jungles of Cyrodiil from time itself.

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Now seeing as mankind ruled Tamriel for the next Era Lorkhan was content. His only intervention was to sent the spirit of his avatar Pelinal to warn man of the return the elven champion Umaril and to bring about his ultimate defeat and to guarantee his relics were in the hands of the champion of Cyrodiil, the person responsible for the end of the oblivion crisis as he helped the last Septim seal off oblivion for good, forever shutting out the ancient allies of the elves that brought about their Domination in the first Era.

Now the elves are once more aiming to become the ruling race of Tamriel and seeing how the Dominion is treating man now their rule would be just the same as under the Aylied sorcerer kings. Furthermore the end of time is coming. The end of life the end of the mer, for them freedom. An end to the life forced on them by Lorkhan.

The next Shezarrine is the last dragonborn. It is simply to much of a coincidence. The end to all that Lorkhan has worked towards as well. Akatosh, now a God of man gave him his blood as he did before and Shor (Lorkhan again) was born anew. A champion of mankind to right the wrongs that mer are always bringing over the world (historically speaking) and to deny them their greatest wish. By removing the end of time (Alduin) from the cycle Lorkhan is creating a world without end.

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He is ensuring that there will always be man in Mundus to believe in him and grant him the power to make the world he invisioned stay as such, ruled by man, man that see the life that he gave them as the gift that it is and not elves that curse Lorkhan for their very existence and aim to take away his power once more.

The next elderscrolls will likely mirror the first Era with our dragonborn in the roll of Pelinal, only this time the dream still needs and has its dreamer.


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