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[THEORY] The Septims after the War of the Red Diamond made an unofficial rule of having few children, perhaps even kinslaying?

Note: This a skooma-pot theory with little to no evidence. But considering some things are vague about the Septims I guess it could have some fit at least during at least a period of the Septim dynasty

After the War of the Red Diamond (3E 120 – 3E 127) the war killed off a lot of Septims (Kintraya II Septim, Cephorus' unnamed Children, Uriel III Septim) but one would think the remaining family (Which was very diminished by the end of the of the siege of Solitude) would try to repopulate the dynasty as much as he could and after that the Septims just seemed to get smaller up to Uriel VII Septim's reign where he had five children (six if you want to consider the apparently retconned daughter canon)

Perhaps maybe the Septims just had fertility problems or simply tried to abstain from having too many children as to avoid having rival claimants during the ascension of the heir of the Empire. Some Septim members just didn't have children (Cassynder, Morihata, Uriel Septim VI). But here's the thing Uriel VI and Morihata were kinda cutt-throat (Neccesarry actions considering the Elder Council still had a lot of Power)

Uriel VI fell of a horse and even the finest healers the Empire had at the time could not save him (Suspicious) and then Morihata took the throne, not saying she killed him as they had been a powerful duo but perhaps she was tired of being a duo and preffered to be an Empress rather then a Baroness, anything can happen perhaps she was slowly poisoning Uriel VI and by the time he fell of his horse he was just too weak to be healed, though this relays on more assumptions.

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Morihata had great reign but was assasinated (Allegdly) by assains ordered by Toricles Romus, he was furious at Morihata's refusal at sending troops to his troubled lands and it is believed he sent assains after her, though Romus was tried and executed, he professes his innocence to his last. Morihata had no children and her sister Eloisa had one son, though she had died four years prior. Pelagius IV was old enough to scheme a plot and perhaps killed his aunt once he heard there was someone to throw the heat against, and perhaps he may have killed his mother imcase they would skip him over if he did kill his aunt though I doubt it but the possibilty still remains.

Some Septims didn't have children and while there's no mentions of stillborns it may be a possibilty as to have the ruler have his children be emperors, Cassynder didn't have children and perhaps Uriel IV made sure of it…

Uriel VII Septim is implied to have sent for his bastard son Calaxes murdered after some rumors of revolt and family tensions, and all of his legitimate children didn't have children for unknown reason, Gendall was old and still didn't have heirs (Perhaps he was infertile or lacked interest in sexual pursuit or had no interest in women but in men?), Enman Septim and Ebel Septim were suspected doppelgangers and perhaps even Uriel suspected this and tried his all to stall them from having children, or perhaps they just had no interest or vows of celibacy. Martin Septim his bastard and youngest was every bit his father at least pyshically, though unlike Calaxes he had no knowledge of his heritage and perhaps was just groomed to be the ultimate sacrifice for mankind and merkind or even for Emperor, so perhaps Uriel VII Septim let his own dynasty die…

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Post Note: This is mostly meant as a skooma-pot theory as it relays on a bunch of if's and assumptions, but perhaps there's some truth to it as the WoTRD and Andorak's small revolt have proved the Septim's weren't exactly a tight family and weren't above trying to crown themselves Emperor.


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