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Theorycrafting: new quality of life class-specific abilities to enhance class fantasy and make exploring the world more fun

Content of the article: "Theorycrafting: new quality of life class-specific abilities to enhance class fantasy and make exploring the world more fun"

I don't know whether you guys have felt the same way, but as I'm running around in the world I always wished my characters had abilities beyond combat skills. I mean, as a templar I am an agent of the Divines, so why shouldn't I be able to extend their blessing to my fellow players? Sorcerers, masters of all things lightning and daedric, should be able to zip around the world and have the ability to open a simple portal. And Wardens, for gods' sake, have a freaking bear but all they can do with it is force it to attack their enemies. That's why I came up with the idea of Mastery Abilities.

Mastery Abilities are fun, (mostly) non-combat, utility abilities intended for use in overland content that expand upon the player’s class fantasy. They are designed to give you some quality of life, encourage player interaction, and make you feel like a true master of your class. While some of these abilities confer certain combat advantages, they are intended to make your life a bit easier whether you are resource farming, questing, or just exploring. For balance reasons, these skills do not work in dungeons, trials, or pvp.

Mastery abilities are assigned to quick slots instead of the skill bar so that you don't have to make a trade-off between combat and utility skills. Also, unlike regular skills, these abilities work on a cooldown basis to make activating them feel much more meaningful.


  • Storm Calling – Ride the Lightning (15 seconds cooldown): activate while mounted to teleport you and your mount forward in a flash of lightning. While slotted, taking shock damage grants you minor expedition for 5 seconds.

  • Daedric Summoning – Divayath’s Wonderous Transference (30 minutes cooldown): opens a portal which you and other players can use to teleport to a random capital city.

  • Dark Magic – Crystal Effigy (5 minutes cooldown): Activate to place a crystalline copy of your character at your current location. Activate again to teleport back and shatter the effigy, dealing aoe damage.

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  • Ardent Flame – Warrior’s Hearth (30 minutes cooldown): While outdoors and not in a city, activate to place a bonfire at your current location which can be used as a cooking fire. While a bonfire is active, you can activate the skill again to teleport back. Placing a bonfire and teleporting share the 30 minute cooldown.

  • Draconic Power – Draconic Aspect (Lesser) (15 minutes cooldown): Mimic the dragonborn of legends, shrouding yourself with the illusion of a grand dragon to continuously fear nearby enemies for 1 minute. While this ability is active, activate the ability to use a lesser version of draconic leap. Collect additional appearances by defeating dragons in Elsweyr, veteran Scalebreaker dungeons, and the Sunspire Trial.

  • Earthen Heart – Part the Earth (5 minutes cooldown): Demonstrate your command over the earth itself and travel underground, increasing your movement speed and causing you to become undetectable to mobs for a short time.


  • Aedric Spears – Zenithar’s Divine Armory (24 hours cooldown): Manifest Zenithar’s blessing upon the target crafting station (blacksmithing, clothing, or woodworking) for 2 hours. You and other players can activate a blessed crafting station to gain a buff that grants minor lifesteal, a small shield when blocking, and additional flame damage against undead.

  • Restoring Light – Clairvoyance (10 minutes cooldown): Reveal and highlight all nearby enemies, allies, and containers, allowing you to track them through walls. Also shows you the closest path to your current quest objective.

  • Dawn’s Wrath – Anoint by Flames (2 hours cooldown): Bless an ally with the grace of the Divines. Once a day, when the target ally dies, automatically resurrect them with full resources. For 60 seconds after they are resurrected, their abilities do not consume any resources.

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  • Shadow – Bond of the Evergloam (30 minutes cooldown): Beckon the target’s shadow to take shape, causing it to follow you and fight for you for the next hour. Activate the shadow to teleport to the original target’s location.

  • Siphoning – Extract Potential (8 hours cooldown): Draw out the latent power of a willing ally, temporarily replacing this skill with a random active, non-ultimate ability from their class for the next 8 hours.

  • Assassination – Shadewalk (30 seconds cooldown): teleport to a targetted location with a low light level. While slotted, increases your sneak speed.


  • Animal Companion – Guardian’s Bond (30 seconds cooldown): command your guardian to perform an action depending on the target
  1. Corpse / Harvest node / container: loot and bring back

  2. Nothing: do a trick

  3. Friendly player: nuzzle them. The player may activate the guardian to pet them.

  4. Neutral mob (yellow border highlight): assume their form for a short time.

  • Green Balance – Survivalist (30 minutes cooldown): Activate this ability near a wild bedroll to take a nap, granting you a short & small experience boost. While slotted, wild beasts do not attack you until provoked and food and drinks you craft yourself last twice as long.

  • Winter's Embrace – Gift of Atmora (30 seconds cooldown): conjure a path of frost under you, letting you and other players walk across water.


  • Grave Lord – Final Tithe (30 seconds cooldown): spark the last gasp of life from nearby corpses, commanding them to bring you their belongings. (Lootable corpses in a wide area run towards you before dying again, letting you loot them much easier).

  • Living Death – Everlasting Guardian (1 hour cooldown): Shatter a soul gem and release the soul within, binding it to the target ally in the form of a spirit guardian (same as the necromancer skill). The spirit guardian follows the target until dismissed. While the spirit guardian is active, you may activate the skill again to peer through the guardian’s eyes.

  • Bone Tyrant – Tyrant’s Steed: Activate to harvest the bones from corpses in a small targetted area. While you have at least 20 bones stored, activate this ability to conjure a temporary bone steed. The bone steed automatically grants you Major Gallop and fears nearby enemies. Can be used indoors.

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Thanks for reading, this was mostly a fun thought experiment about how to add to the fantasy of the classes while staying (mostly) within the realm of what is possible in this game. I'd love to know whether you guys like it!


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