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Things I learned playing ESO: A Newbie’s Guide

Content of the article: "Things I learned playing ESO: A Newbie’s Guide"

So I got the game not long ago on the steam sale. Previously, I had played a free weekend, where I tried the game and felt like I didn't like it, but after actually buying it and giving it more of a try than just an hour or two, I thought I would compile my thoughts and my experiences for people of the community to comment on.

My main character atm is a level 20 Warden specing a tank build. In playing, I learned:

-When you create a new character and choose to 'Skip the Tutorial', it not only skips the Oblivion segment, but the entirety of the starter island/zone you would have went to afterward. My particular experience had me dropped in Vvardenfell, which I didn't even realize was a DLC area until partway through playing it.

-The game plays and feels like an MMO more than a TES game, which felt really clunky and jarring at first (even as an MMO player with toons in FFXIV, STO, WoW, SWTOR, and GW2). It took some getting used to, as at first, it doesn't FEEL like there's a lot of variety in gameplay per class (a staple of the Elder Scrolls series being the do anything focus that makes the game feel more like a sandbox than a conventional RPG) but as I got going, I realized, yes, there are limitations per class, but your class only really seems to affect what types of magic you get to use, and you can pretty much do anything else with any class.

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-You can solo public dungeons. Not only that, but public dungeons only feel mildly more challenging than Delves. But maybe that's just because I can self heal and am rolling a tank?

-Silt Striders don't seem to have much of a point outside of getting an achievement due to wayshrines existing.

-The levitation in Tylvanni towers are very lackluster in this game, especially compared to the game from 20 years ago that first featured Vvardenfell as a location. In ESO, they're just another door, which was disappointing.

-Even for a game released 6 years ago, the game really doesn't look very nice. One of the first things I did after I started playing was get a reshade, and that only provides mild improvements visually. Given how visually dated Skyrim even looked, released 3 years before ESO, I'm surprised it wasn't at least at Skyrim's visual level, even for an MMO.

-I'm surprised, given how generic and lackluster it felt when I FIRST started playing it, how much fun this game has wound up being, and how areas like Vvardenfell basically feel like an entire TES game with a few fewer quests. I am genuinely impressed by the quality of the storytelling, locales, and quests, and I truly hope it still feels this good when I finally finish Vvardenfell and actually go to do the main story.

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