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Things that ruin a good Mod

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Bèen noticing folks post about their favorite Mods and I don't disagree with most of their choices, but without naming Mod names, I've played a few lately that won't be on anybody's list. There are just a few things that folks can avoid if they don't want to ruin an otherwise good Mod.

1) Mensa level puzzles – OK, an exaggeration granted. But, unless the Mod is specifically advertised as a "puzzle themed mod" so players like me can avoid it, puzzles should not require chess skills or jumping skills. After trying to figure out the right sequence of levers to pull or trying to jump that oh-so-far gap in the ledge for more than 10 minutes, I cheat. And I hate cheating.

2) Misplaced Gate Chains – I see this A LOT. It just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that a dungeon or fortress would have most of the pull chains located right beside their respective gates, but ONE random gate has a hidden chain buried on the other side of the structure.

3) Run Back and Forth Quests. – I use the term "quest" loosely here. Usually a fetch it quest involves npc asks you to retrieve an item, you fetch it, return it, and you're done. If, however, the npc is going to require 5 things, all 5 things need to be requested at the start of the quest. But 5 separate runs back and forth to the same npc? NO!

4) The new level transition insta-death. – You finally pick the lock, open the door, new level loads, you step two feet into the new area and set off a pressure plate that kills you instantly. Loading screens are not content.

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5) Not allowing Followers – I don't always play with Followers, but if I'm playing a Mage build and want to bring a tank along, I should be allowed. Maybe that's just me.

6) Countdown timers. – this only works if the way out is obvious and there's enough time to get there. But if I have to retrace a bunch of turns and sprint the whole way or I'll die and have to reload 10 times? Ugh.

7) The obvious stuff – only adding this so someone doesn't say I should've added this – A) bad audio quality for voice actors. The "acting" is icing on the cake, but if the sound quality is horrible? Ugh. I'd rather just find notes or journals to advance the story. B) NO decent reward for completion. If you "beat" the Mod, you deserve something – a unique weapon, unique armor, a house, a follower, something! But I just recently finished a Mod that had literally one set of unenchanted female only dress looking "armor" and nothing else. And I always play as a male character, so I got zip. 🤣

Anyway, just came to mind. I'm sure others have their own ideas. But in the end, any mod is better than none, so thanks to all who create them!


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