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This mod might be the most important in your vanilla + modlist…

Content of the article: "This mod might be the most important in your vanilla + modlist…"

One of the most difficult things for any person creating a modlist to handle is game difficulty. It's easy for everyone to realize how cool mods like Ordinator and Legacy of the Dragonborn are. How do I keep the game challenging for my entire playthrough though? How do I make encounters engaging and memorable? For those of us that like unleveled worlds the answer is easy – Requiem or mods like it. However, what about those of us that want a vanilla + world?

I've used Morrowloot since the start. I can't even remember playing without it. The way it handles loot distribution is exactly what I'm looking for. Based on the popularity of Morrowloot many others feel the same way. The problem though is what about encounter zone difficulty? If you like unleveled worlds, then Morrowloot Ultimate handles that too. Or, you can use the myriad of other mods as mentioned above.

Unfortunately, I realized that I don't like a deleveled world. When it comes to monster encounters that is. There are a plethora of threads here and elsewhere that discuss this very topic. Players complaining about the difficulty of deleveled worlds or asking for advice on how to survive Requiem as a level one character. Many players jump from one deleveled world mod to the next. Hoping that this new mod will make their game perfect. Usually, the same frustration sets in. Some players quit the game in protest or finally go back to vanilla encounters as a lesser of two evils.

I was in this seemingly never-ending cycle of looking for the "perfect" fix. Then it hit me, I prefer the open-ended gameplay of vanilla. However, the difficulty is a bit too easy. Combat mods help a bit as do mods that create boos type encounters. What about for the average dungeon or encounter. Morrowloot Ultimate offers the vanilla encounter zone settings as an optional download. This was my solution for a long time. However, after a lot of searching I found a mod that is everything someone in my shoes could ever want.

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Arena – an encounter zone overhaul. This mod is for those of us that want an amazing vanilla + experience to go along with all the other amazing mods out there. This mod creates a world that is leveled; however, it does have progression based on types of encounters. Bandits are easiest and able to be tackled from the start. Vampires and dragons are near the top. Dragon Priest dungeons are the top of the food chain. A level one character has no business going inside one of them!

After extensive testing, I have finally found my encounter zone mod. It is near perfection as far as I'm concerned. If I have piqued your interest at all, then head to the modpage and thoroughly read the ENTIRE page. Please, please read what the mod actually does. It's not a very long read and the mod author really understands how encounter zones wok and explains how everything functions in game. I knew about encounter zones, but has no idea about leveled actor multipliers. After reading his page I am fully versed in how the encounters of Skyrim work now. I also fully understand what exactly this mod does and why it is a perfect fit for me. I think this mod will help a lot of other players in the same boat. Players that are not a fan of deleveled worlds, but want something more than the vanilla game offers.

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May I also humbly suggest using this with encounter zones unlocked (prevents the game from freezing encounter zones to the level they are first visited at). These two mods together create the perfect vanilla + world that is both challenging and engaging for any character type or playthrough.

Thanks for reading and be safe out there.

TL;DR – Do you want something more out of your encounters than what the vanilla game offers? You've tried mods like Requiem or various other deleveled world mods out there. You've ultimately decided that a deleveled world is not for you, yet you really don't like the vanilla experience. I've struggled with this as well and have found the perfect mod for people like us. Arena – An encounter Zone Overhaul. Also, check out Encounter Zones Unlocked for the perfect pair of vanilla + encounter zone mods.

Arena – An Encounter Zone Overhaul

Encounter Zones Unlocked


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