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Thoughts on the impact enchanted items would have on the world

I had a random thought about enchanted gear, does their existence offer more to the world than the seem? I'll break them down enchantment by enchantment:

  1. Fire/Frost/Shock weapons. In theory if I had a dagger with one of these enchants I could do a lot more than fighting with it. I can start a fire, cool down my brew, do the ol' bug zapper fishing technique, etc.
  2. Fear. If I was a bandit I could swipe someone with a dagger and forcibly scare them into giving me their money. Or on the reverse, I could do the same to a mugger and scare them off.
  3. Fortify skill. I don't even know what that would mean in universe. How does a ring make me better at brewing potions or exclusively better at swinging one handed weapons? I can understand being better at casting magic, but not the physical ones.
  4. Fortify Carryweight / Max Stamina / Stamina Regen. If I was a trader hauling a huge load I could probably find a way to make my horses pull more and walk farther. I might even be able to make deliveries faster If I can get a light enough load so it can gallop.
  5. Resist Fire / Frost / Poison. I can see people gearing up on fire resistant jewelry to run into a burning building as well as using frost gear to circumvent needing a camp fire. As for poison resistance, I can see people partying with some rings and drinking way past the lethal dosage.
  6. Fortify Sneak / Muffle. This doesn't make sense to me. What would the actual difference between these be? I would assume if you wanted to Solid Snake some vampires making your sneaking skills better would mean you make less sound, which is what muffle does. The only other option is the armor your wearing somehow affects people's perception or their ability to see you as a target.
  7. Do you know any else?
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What are we to make of this and how it affects the society of TES and the lore? I don't know when if ever these everyday enchantments come up in the story. I know of the pen that draws exquisite words and the Dancer's Pipe that was rumored to win wars, but you just don't see enchantments being exploited in the world.


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