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Throwing Poisons coming soon to iEquip…

Content of the article: "Throwing Poisons coming soon to iEquip…"

…along with a host of other new and updated features and a years worth of bugfixes and tweaks based on user reports and feedback. But more about that another day. Today is all about Throwing Poisons!

I always felt that poisons were a very underutilised part of the vanilla game. In the current version of iEquip they are made much easier to use with the ability to cycle through, select and apply poisons to equipped weapons directly using your hotkeys. Which is great. But it got me to thinking – what if we could equip and throw any poison you happen to have, briefly releasing a cloud of poisonous gas which has the same effect on any NPCs coming into contact with it as there would have been had you applied the poison to a weapon and hit them with it?

Well now we can! Thanks to several awesome functions po3 has included in his Papyrus Extender we are able to copy all the effects from any selected poison (currently showing in the poison slot in the iEquip widget) and add them to a delivery spell. There's a lot to this behind the scenes, but essentially what happens when you press your hotkey to 'equip' a poison is this:

  1. Equip a dummy poison bottle in your preferred hand. This is actually a 1H mace to give the correct sort of throwing motion in the swing animation.
  2. All magiceffects on the currently displayed poison are copied to a delivery spell (one of three spells in this sequence of events)
  3. Register for the weapon swing animation events for the equipped hand
  4. On receiving the animation event the dummy bottle is unequipped, and at the same time a spell is cast which 'throws' the poison bottle (projectile) in a nice spinning arc towards your target
  5. When the projectile hits a gas cloud explosion appears, breaking bottle sound plays, and a hazard is placed for 5 seconds
  6. Any NPC entering that hazard triggers the hazard spell with a single 'Apply Poison' magic effect on it
  7. The OnEffectStart event in a script attached to the hazard spell effect then causes the target NPC to cast the delivery spell on themselves, which has the same effect as if they'd just consumed the poison.
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This all works pretty seamlessly and as you'll be able to tell from my commentary on the video below is really good fun to use! It certainly opens up new options for non-magic characters to benefit from using poisons to get similar results to casting illusion spells around.

The heavy lifting of copying and removing the poison magiceffects from the delivery spells is handled by ApplyMagicEffectToSpell and RemoveMagicEffectFromSpell from po3's extender, so there's very little overhead in all of this. There are various MCM options for whether you want to throw a single poison and then switch back to your previous weapon or whether you want to keep throwing poisons, a setting to adjust the thrown poison bottle projectile gravity, a balancing setting for adjusting the effect magnitude, and so on.

Now that the mechanics are all working there's some polishing to do in terms of the widget behaviour, the throwing poison icon, and the various associated visual and sound effects. But the video will give you a flavour of what's coming. I hope you enjoy it, and as always please let me know what you think.


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