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To Family-Oriented players who marry vanilla-voiced NPCs…


This might be a bit of a lengthy read for some. If you find yourself pressed for time, please come back and read it through later. Thanks!

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I am finishing the dialogue additions for the 1.3 update of Denizens of Morthal – Dialogue and Character Expander, and require some information from those who marry vanilla-voiced characters–specifically those who have married anyone with the following vanilla voice types:

Male Nord

Male Dark Elf

Male Brute

Female Nord

Female Sultry

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These five spouse voices have (combined) over 200 new conversation scenes with adopted children, with topics depending on where you are currently living/visiting with your spouse and kids. Whiterun, Riften, Windhelm, Markarth, Solitude, Morthal, Falkreath and Dawnstar all have their own specific set of topics, plus there are five "Any Home" conversations to ensure that custom houses are not left out.

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Because of the differences in the variety of the dialogue pools, the spouses tend to have different responses to what the children are talking about. Some NPCs even have unique responses. This is where you come in!

Some of the topics revolve around the children being inspired by their surroundings and dreaming about what they want to do when they grow up. With the Civil War playing out in Skyrim, many of the children are in awe of the marching soldiers and enthusiastic about joining a faction.

In most of these conversations, I have made the spouses react pretty neutrally. The children are young, and their likes and dislikes will obviously expand and change as they grow older and obtain more information about the world and themselves. But in some cases, I realize that there are certain characters in Skyrim who will definitely not be shy about voicing their disapproval or admiration of one faction over the other. Would Ralof be able to restrain himself from blasting the Empire? Would Heimskr? (Does anyone actually marry Heimskr?)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I need to know exactly who you marry (yes, even if you used a mod/console commands to make it a reality) so that I can create a few extra conversation scenes and make sure these NPCs are reacting in way that is faithful to their personalities.

Keep in mind that these concern (for the time being) only the five voice types listed above, and that not all of the topics are Civil War-related (I just used that as a more dominate example).

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With that said, here are the topics I want to be more certain about:

Riften-specific: Brynjolf

Your child may inform your spouse that "Mr. Brynjolf" has given them an apple or has promised to teach them some "neat things" when they are older. All five of the spouse voices have a negative reaction to this, but there are some exceptions:

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Thieves Guild members Sapphire (Sultry voice), Ravyn Imyan (Dark elf voice), Vipir the Fleet (Nord voice), and Garthar (Brute voice). Have I missed anyone?

Riften-specific: Temple of Mara

Your daughter has been invited to visit the Temple of Mara anytime she likes. Most parents are content to allow this so long as their daughter stays on her best behavior, but there are some exceptions:

Haelga (Sultry voice), the noted Dibella devotee.

Eola (Sultry voice), who would prefer her daughter to be more interested in Namira instead.

Erandur (Dark elf voice). Erandur (a priest of Mara in his own right) is absolutely overjoyed to hear that his daughter has been invited to visit the Temple.

Other Dunmer husbands will view the activity as pretty harmless, so Azura (and other) worshipers remain pretty chill about it. Is there anyone who should be outright negative? Let me know.

Markarth-specific: Temple of Dibella

Your daughter has tried to gain admission to the Temple of Dibella, only to be told she is too young to enter. Fathers tend to find this an awkward conversation that they would rather avoid for as long as possible, whilst mothers may try to sooth their daughter's disappointment.

Exceptions once again include both Haelga (Sultry voice) and Eola (Sultry voice).

Solitude-specific: Imperial Soldier

Your child dreams of joining the Imperial Legion one day. The neutral responses stand at the ready, but is there anyone who should be overjoyed or utterly dismayed by their child's proclamation?

Exceptions so far: Valdimar (Nord voice). As per the expanded lore of Denizens, Valdimar accompanied Ulfric Stormcloak to High Hrothgar when he was a boy, and later served in the Great War. He is not strictly nasty or enthusiastic about either side of the conflict–he just feels completely jaded and sad to hear his children so excited about something that has brought him misery.

Windhelm-specific: Stormcloaks

Your son dreams of joining the Stormcloaks one day. The neutral responses stand at the ready, but is there anyone who should be overjoyed or utterly dismayed by their son's proclamation?

Exceptions so far: Valdimar (Nord voice). See above for the explanation.

Windhelm-specific: The Gray Quarter

Your daughter has been warned to stay away from the Gray Quarter by Rolff Stone-Fist. All of the responses to this are angry or wryly amused at Rolff being Rolff, but is there anyone who would actually concur with Rolff?

Windhelm-specific: Argonians

Your daughter thinks that the Argonians at the docks are super cool for being able to breathe underwater. Most parents agree with this, but there is an exception:

Eisa Blackthorn (Nord voice). Eisa (as part of her history by Bethesda and lightly expanded upon by Denizens) was once part of the Blackblood Marauders. Since her dealings with Jaree-Ra and his sister Deeja went sour, she is wary of Argonians and thinks they are all pretty sly and sneaky. NOTE: If the player is Argonian, Eisa will use the more positive response–after all, it would not be right to be rude about your spouse!

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Is there anyone else of the five voice types who might be a bit negative?

Windhelm-specific: Aventus Aretino's Home

Your son might pass the rumor that a boy used to live alone in the abandoned house–until he was whisked away by the Dark Brotherhood. Your spouse will usually be either unnerved or seek to drop the subject. Is there anyone of the five voice types who should act differently? The way the Male Brute response is worded is discrete enough that it could easily work for Arnbjorn (fellow saviors of Dark Brotherhood members, I am looking out for you).

I really think that the three following conversations are probably okay, but just in case I missed anyone…

Falkreath-specific: The Lake

Your daughter thinks the nearby lake is quite pretty. Parents normally share this opinion about the whole area, but a slight deviation is found in Eisa Blackthorn (Nord voice), who (as per her Denizens expanded history) might become a bit emotional at finding herself living with an actual family in the hold of Falkreath once more.

Morthal-specific: Scary Swamp

Your daughter is afraid of the swamp and is convinced that it's filled with monsters. Most parents will agree that the swamp is very dangerous and urge caution, but some are a bit more fond of the area.

Morthal-defenders thus far: Benor (Brute voice). Born and raised in Morthal, Benor knows that the swamp is dangerous better than anyone. Despite this, he has confidence that your family and thrive and survive no matter where you make your home.*

Benor also has a special reminiscing conversation that can take place if the player is female and has defeated Movarth. It was the very first spouse-and-child conversation to be implemented after *a lot of trial and error, and I didn't have the heart to take it out.

Any other spouses with the Male Brute voice will scornfully say that there is always trouble in the hold of Hjaalmarch, but also be equally confident that your family can successfully make a home there.

Morthal-specific: Seriously Serious

Your son thinks that Morthal is boring because everyone is so serious and tense. Most spouses admonish them by explaining about the various dangers that threaten the area, although some are a bit more practical about it.

Valdimar (Nord voice). As a native of Morthal, Valdimar willingly acknowledges that it's a beautiful yet very dangerous place. He will urge his son to be cautious.

This is in stark contrast to other spouses with the Male Nord voice. Such spouses will express shock to find themselves living in Hjaalmarch and say they can't stand the smell of it.

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Benor (Brute voice). Benor takes exception to his son's whining tone. Though he will admit that there are many dangers plaguing the area, he will also tell his son not to judge the place so harshly.

Other spouses with the Male Brute voice reiterate in some disgust that there is always trouble in the hold of Hjaalmarch, and confess that there are dangers within it that they never dreamed imaginable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you can think of any NPC Spouses (who have one of the five voice types) who need to react more positively or negatively to the topics I listed above, please leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

Obligatory FAQ:

Q: What is Denizens of Morthal?

A: Denizens is part of a larger project to make all of Skyrim and Solstheim's NPC talk to each other about personal matters and area-related events by using carefully spliced and re-purposed dialogue. It changes the schedules of the NPCs and expands certain vanilla characters (known as "Anchors") and gives them new dialogue with the player about certain quest events and personal topics. Denizens has a sibling mod (Kindred Spirits) in the works that will get more attention after the 1.3 update is out.

Q: When's the 1.3 update coming?

A: I do not believe in setting an estimated time of arrival–it goes against the very core of my being. One day the update will just arrive. In all honesty, I picked a really lousy time in my life to become a mod author, so the only hint that the arrival is imminent will be when a video showing some of the conversations between spouses and children is uploaded here..

For more a blatant indication, the pages for both the LE and SSE versions will be hidden for a (hopefully short) duration. Both pages are being overhauled, and there will be awesome new articles detailing all sorts of great things for potential patch creators.


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