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Today began the land of the crashes

Content of the article: "Today began the land of the crashes"

Hello everyone. I've been playing a molded skyrim se on pc for about 20 hours worth of playtime. I've had a crash here or there but nothing telling me I've done something wrong or broken the game in some way.

This morning when I got out of bed and started playing, I've had crash after crash whenever loading in a new area. These are areas I have been to in game already, just either fast traveling back to a spot I want to go to or entering a door into a new place. Its gotten to a point now where I'm stuck in ustengrav and every time I try to leave back to skyrim it crashes without fail.

Here's the list of mods I have installed currently, but as I said previously I've played with all of these mods enabled for about 20 hours and maybe had around 3 ish crashes over the course of that time period. (all mods are the SSE versions)


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Point the Way

Static mesh improvement mod SMIM 2-08

Violens – a killmove mod 2.22a

Immersive patrols lite

no more radial blur – performance optimization

unread books glow

rich skyrim merchants

bijin warmaidens



apachiiskyhair full optimized

leanwolfs better shaped weapons

realistic water two

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climates of tamriel

skystone castle

unique uniques

immersive armors

draugr weapon replacer

optimized texture for sse

no floating fog

horker weapon pack

weapons of the third era

simply bigger trees

quality world map 8.4A – classic with all roads

cloaks of skyrim

improved eyes skyrim

lore weapon expansion

bijin wives


skyrim se project optimization esm version

Isilmeriels LOTR collection


Part 1 engine fixes (I got part 2 working as well)

Race menu v0-4-16

Radiant quest marker

Isilmeriels LOTR collection full patch

paramount fps galore for newrim

unplayable faction armor – standalone edition

address library for skse plug-ins- all in one

cathedral – 3D mountain flowers

Bethesda performance textures armor,clothes, weapons

Bethesda performance textures animals and creatures

dust effect v2.0

remove underwater grass and other stuff

insignificant object remover

Not sure if somebody will be willing to take a look at all that, or if some people are having difficulties as well today, maybe the game updated or something I have no idea whats wrong or what I can do to get my game working again and stop crashing.



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