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Tried for hours to fix two glitches and failed

Content of the article: "Tried for hours to fix two glitches and failed"

In no possible way am i good at this technical stuff with mods and files and scripts and stuff, but when I first played Vanilla Skyrim a year ago, I really wanted to play this game multiplayer with my brother. So when we both finally got a new computers, the first thing I did was download Skyrim SE, MO2, Skyrim Together, and a lot of mods. Its taken a couple months and a lot of work (since I am not experienced) but with my specs being lower midrange, I now have 30 – 45 fps with tons of graphics mods and many gameplay mods. There have been lots of issues, many of which I have been able to fix, but there 2 glitches I cannot fix. The first one involves JRC's witcher longsword pack, by far my favorite weapon mod, however when I first saw it I was upset that it wasn't for SE. I proceeded to download it anyway, and was happy that it worked fine. While testing other mods, I soon discovered that after around 10 minutes of playing, fast traveling, and entering buildings, the swords were an odd grey texture without any hint of metal or shininess (it was the same in my hand, on my back, one the floor, and in display cases. I made a new save, and the swords were fine, I don't know why, but I immediately dropped the sword on the ground to find that whenever it was on the ground or in a display case, it was the same grey look. My first thought was because it was a mod made for regular skyrim while mine was SE, so I loaded up the creation kit and followed these instructions ( and when I finished, I loaded up the game only to find it was the same. Then I went to the post section on the Nexus page for JRC's witcher swords, and found two other people had ported them. Tried them both, same grey. Next you'll say "mod conflict" and "bro thats a mod conflict" Yeah I thought of that. I disabled all of my 248 mods except witcher swords, . alternate start, and add item menu, and it was still the same. I'm getting very frustrated as this was the day I was going to send all the files over to my brothers computer and play. I installed NifSkope like someone said to do, but I have literally no idea what to do.

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The second glitch is everyone's favorite, the black face bug. I did the creation kit thing, I uninstalled all npc modifier mods I could part with, installed mods, tons of other fixes and some still have it. The ones I have seen in my tests are some kid in whiterun, and a bunch of vampires in that skooma den in dawnguard. I have no idea what to do now. Oh, there is another thing but i suspect it is related to the black face, whenever I enter the main area in redwater den, where you get betrayed by those very trustworthy vampires, I get a CTD.

I really need some help. Please help me. If my modlist is needed just tell me and I will put it here

TLDR: JRC's witcher weapons turn plasticy grey color after a little bit, and I have the beloved black face bug.


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