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Trouble running ESF companions

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So, I had to port the thing over to the SE, and, for some reason, after Kodlak makes his request, Aela doesn't confront me about the request, something that she did do in the old-rim version. Did I do something wrong? Everything seems to be working, though I swear in Old-rim, the companions had you spare one of their own or something before accepting you into their ranks (after Dustman's Cairn, I mean), and Kodlas request conversation was a bit longer. Maybe I'm just remembering things wrong. I did refuse the beast blood this time around, though.

Is there anyway to force this using console commands, or do I have to (gasp) go back to a previous save?


Aela Sylvan

A Better Gauldur Amulet

A lovely Letter Alternative routes


Alternate start- Live another life

Animated Armory

Anise's Cabin Unowned.

Apocalypse (patches included)

Atlas Map markers

Better Staff of Magnus

Better Wedding Guests

Book Covers Skyrim

Books of SKyrim

Breezehome by Lupus

Bury the Dead



Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (with Patches)

Character creation Overhaul

Cloaks of SKyrim

Complet Crafting Overhaul (With patches)

Convenient Horses

Cooking in Skyrim (with Patches)

DaedricDawnbreaker Redux

Deadly Dragons

Derkeethus Improved SE


Duel Combat Realism



ESF Companions (ported)


Expanded Starting equipment




Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Hearthfire Extended (plus patchers)

Heavy Armory


IAFT (plus Patches)

Immersive Armors

Immersive Citizens

Immersive College of Winterhold


improved Closefaced Halmet

Improved DragonShouts

Innocence Lost Alternative

Jaxonz Positioner Converted (plus updated Script)

Kryptopyr's patches

Better shaped weapons

Legendary Standing stones

Read:  HELP! my animations are broken!

Lillemiir's vanilla followers – Sylgja

Loot and degradation

Lore Friendly Spells

To have and to Hold

My home is your Home



Open Civil War

Ordinator (plus 'perks points at level 50, 75, 100', 'thief skills rebalance', and J'zargo Fix')

Papyrus (plus Scripting Utility functions)

Populated Series H*ll Edition

Prince and the Pauper (plus patch)



RDO (patches included)

Revenge of the Enemies

Rotmulaag (Improved dragon shouts patch)

Royal Armory

RSSe children overhaul

Run for your Lives

Shor's Stone


Skyforge weapons and Wolf armor

Skylovers compatibility Patches

Skyrim Alchemy fixed (plus ordinator and summermyst patches)

Skyrim Reputation


Smelters for Riften and SOlitide

Smithing Perks overhaul

SPO and ordinator Mash up

Starting spells choice



Survival mod patches

Takes notes- Journal of the Dragonborn

Taxes of the nine holds

The Choice is yours (plus patch)

Dragon Priest Journals

ESO imports

Timing is everything

Trade and Barter

Training Dummies and Targets

Translocate – Mark and Recall spells


WACCF – Summermyst patch

Weapons, armor, Clothing, and clutter Fixes

Wearable Lanterns (plus fix)

Wendigo's Faction Skill requirements

Wet and Cold

Winterhold Beacon

Zim's Immersive Artifacts


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