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Trying to figure out NPC Replacers/Overhauls, and how to implement them. AND IDK how to use xEdit. Help

Content of the article: "Trying to figure out NPC Replacers/Overhauls, and how to implement them. AND IDK how to use xEdit. Help"

I made a previous similar post asking which mods I should go for, but this post is quite different in many ways. One of those ways being that maybe people will be more willing to comment if I don't include all the links to the nsfw schmexy stuff.


I'm looking to overhaul as many NPCs as possible. As a base, I'm deciding between Inhabitants of Skyrim and WICO, but definitely leaning towards WICO.

After the base, I'm going with Bijin AIO, and I'm thinking of Pandorable's NPCs, Fresh faces, Men of Winter, and Males of Skyrim. Load order would probably be Pandorable's –> Fresh faces –> bijin –> men of winter –> males of skyrim(i'm iffy on this last one anyways)

I'm thinking that should cover most NPCs- male and female. But it isn't as simple as installing all these straight to Vortex and forgetting about it, is it?

So here are the straightforward questions I have-

  1. OPINIONS- Do you have any opinions on the mods I've chosen? Do you think there are better options?
  2. FUNCTIONALITY- Anything wrong with the idea of running these all together? (If you need me to narrow it down so you can more easily give a clear & concise answer, then let's just say I go with WICO). Do you have any objections to the load order above?
  3. MOST PRESSING Q-MAKING THEM WORK- So I've heard quite a bit about how WICO SSE has some issues, and SSEEdit is necessary to fix them. Also, u/OldSkoolRPG on this thread said "I use xEdit to remove the individual NPC records from all but the mod that I want providing that NPC. For example, I want Bijin providing Ysolda so I delete Ysolda from Inhabitants and I want Males of Skyrim providing Erik the Slayer so I will remove him from both Men of Winter and Inhabitants." So going into this, I'm feeling pretty daunted considering that I have zilch experience with xEdit/SSEEdit, and it looks like I'm going to need to use it quite a bit to get these all working together properly. Am I over-doing this? Just how difficult is it to get these all to work together? If this whole issue is too lengthy or complex to explain/answer on your own, is there a tutorial somewhere that could result in me knowing how to make WICO work AND make everything else work smoothly- with or without xEdit?
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It's worth noting that I already have the following installed. If I decide to go with WICO, the mod author says that I "have to delete all of face or body mods first" (before installing WICO). Do all of the mods in this list need to be deleted when I install WICO and reinstalled afterward?

I ask because I'm not sure which face and body mods fall under the "interferes with WICO" umbrella.

  • ApachiiSkyHair
  • Beards
  • Bijin AIO
  • Brows
  • Fair Skin Complexion
  • KS Hairdos
  • SoS
  • Eyes of Beauty NPC, Elves, and player versions.
  • UNP Female body renewal
  • Immersive College of Winterhold
  • Salt and Wind
  • Other textures that only affect the player


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