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Trying to make Mjoll my friend, and other issues (long post, please help)

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Okay, so I've been troubleshooting this ultra-modded modlist for a while now, and I've almost worked out all the issues. There's only 2 big things that I've recently noticed to be constant problems, and it has to do with Mjoll, specifically her quest to get Grimsever.

Now based on my research (and about 30-40 new saves to test) for Mjoll's quest to appear, you have to fulfill a bunch of conditions, specifically being at least level 14, having a good disposition with her (easiest way to do so being that you can agree with her about her dislike for the Thieves Guild), and if you only meet her around the time you're already level 14, you have to level up and then wait a few days before going back to her. I personally like being able to get that quest immediately so I can get her as a follower, so I needed to remove the level restrictions, which mods like Timing is Everything and The Wolf Queen Awakened and Grimsever Return Fix (If you convert it to SE) can do.

For a while, that worked out fine, but a few weeks later, when I switched to a better PC and began updating my modlist, it wouldn't work anymore. I recently installed Relationship Change Notifications, and when I tried talking to Mjoll on a new save, I realized that agreeing with her about the Thieves Guild was no longer changing her disposition towards me.

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The other issue has to do with the type of voice that Mjoll uses, the FemaleNord type. The follower Freya Gray-Mane from Pandorable's Heroines uses this voice, and this specific follower is one of 2 within the mod that requires Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. This specific follower always seems have issues being recruited among those who download the mod. I've read through many threads and Pandorable has suggested to remove Freya's Gray-Mane faction from xEdit, and make sure that the follower mod loads before RDO, which I have done, but that hasn't solved the problem. All the follower does is say a bunch of lines that female guards would normally say before running out of dialogue lines. It's weird though, because I do have a bunch of followers who need RDO to function as followers, and all of them work fine, including the other RDO-reliant follower in Pandorable's Heroines, Ma'rija. It's also possibly not a coincidence that she uses the same voice type as Mjoll. I could just change her voicetype, but I have too many followers who use FemaleYoungEager and FemaleSultry among others.

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I've concluded that there are a few mods in my load order that are messing with Mjoll's relationship rank status and the FemaleNord voice type for it to not be working. After doing a quick run through of my mod list, I believe the only mods that could be directly touching these are RDO, Nether's Follower Framework(specifically the RDO patch in the FOMOD), Misc Dialogue Edits, Special Edition Followers, Serana Dialogue Add-On and Guard Dialogue Overhaul, but I could be wrong, and something else is causing the issue. I've tried playing with and without both the Bijin Warmaidens and the Pandorable's Warrior Women replacer, and the same result occurs, leading me to believe that the replacers are NOT the ones causing the issue. If anyone's willing to go through my Modwatch and figure out what could be causing issues, it would be very helpful.

TL;DR: Mjoll won't be my friend, and I can't use a follower that uses the FemaleNord voice at all, even though my load order seems to be fine, and other RDO-reliant followers have 0 issues.


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