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Trying to Put Dishonored’s Combat in Skyrim

Obviously, it's an impossible feat to integrate Dishonored into Skyrim exactly, but I want to get close. 3rd-person combat seems to receive all the love, but, sadly, I prefer 1st-person combat. So, I desire to make Skyrim's 1st-person combat mingle with a Dishonored style of play.

Animation –

First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -Size Matters
Enhanced 1stperson Parry Animation for SSE

These animation mods make the feeling and look of playing in 1st-person a lot more satisfying. And it brings it closer to what the combat looks like in Dishonored.

Block/Attack/Parry –

Archery Gameplay Overhaul SE
Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE
Mortal Enemies SE
Simple Weapon Swing Parry – Scripts Free – SSE
Ultimate Combat SE
Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim or Smilodon – Combat of Skyrim
Deflection – Dynamic Blocking Combat Overhaul (Optional)
  • AGO is to make archery a lot more satisfying to use. If you want actual Dishonored, I don't know if you can find a single-handed crossbow.
  • CGO is mainly used by me for being able to use a two-handed weapon and magic at the same time. Grip-changing, rolling (though, I never use it), and mid-air attacks are fun too.
  • Mortal Enemies is to stop aim bot archers.
  • Simple Weapon Swing Parry creates another way to block damage, though it'll probably not happen intentionally
  • Ultimate Combat is used mainly for its timed blocks. It has plenty of other features. But When it comes to Dishonored-like combat, A block that absorbs all the damage is crucial, especially if you're not using a dodge roll.
  • Wildcat has plenty of combat adjustments to make combat more thought-out and planned, like Ultimate Combat. If you want to disable the injuries, I honestly wouldn't blame you. I personally use the realistic damage plugin to make combat dangerous, as it can be in Dishonored. It's hard for hard combat like Dishonored because Skyrim's enemies are leveled, so they could kill you one time, and then be destroyed by you in a couple of levels. I want to be forced to use wards, potions, scrolls, and the like.
  • Deflection can be used as a replacement for Ultimate Combat and Simple Weapon Swing Parry if you didn't want to use those mods. You can set the amount of damage absorbed by timed blocks. I'd put it at 100 or near 100 to get the Dishonored-like effect.
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Movement –

Better Jumping SE
Other Movement Mods?
  • Better Jumping is for jumping while sprinting.
  • I don't touch movement mods that often, so maybe there something out there? A Dishonored movement system is probably an impossible dream though.

Kill Moves –

VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE
Heart Breaker – A Killmove Mod SE
  • VioLens allows for a poor imitation of the kill moves you get while chopping down your foes in Dishonored. I set the kill moves to happen while other enemies are alive, only in f1st-person, and to happen quite often.
  • Heart Breaker is just if you really want it?

Discussion –

In Dishonored, you can use the world's objects, there are grenades and other tools, and you can combine these in fun ways. This, unless someone proves me wrong, is impossible to get in Skyrim. The combat feels fluid, dangerous, but survivable. I think its almost unbeatable block helps.

There are also many other aspects of Dishonored. There are the stealth and the powers, but it's not hard to find spell mods that can act as powers or Realistic AI Detection. I'm open to hearing about mods on these subjects, but I'm also really interested in reading what other mods could fit into making 1st-person combat something better to play. This doesn't need to be like Dishonored, it's mostly just a guideline that I wanted. I can't wait to see what you guys think.

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