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[TSVA] The Skyrim Voice Alliance – Mod Authors Initiative

Content of the article: "[TSVA] The Skyrim Voice Alliance – Mod Authors Initiative"

TSVA is Expanding its Roster, and we'd like you to be part of it!

Good afternoon Modders & Mod Authors. I'm Sev, Mod Author & Voice Acting Dept. Lead for the TSVA Discord Server. Lately, I have been busy making this server the best place for VAs to get their footing and become higher quality actors. While we have seen success in this, we'd like to extend a hand to Mod Authors as well to foster a balanced relationship between the two.

Our goal is to bring the two together, supplying both creative forms with fulfillment of their projects.

Authors can expect their projects which require any sort of Voice Acting to be supported by us, eliminating the concern for scrapping parts of your project due to being unable to find good help, or not being able to publish it in the completed manner you envisioned.

Whether it's one of your first mods you're creating to learn: a Player-Owned Home with a couple unique characters, a follower, a small quest – or you're a more experienced independent Author creating smaller-scale mods – we'll be there to help you see your project through to the end.

In addition, this is but a part of our new concerted effort to bring more community and interactivity to the Authors which are already in TSVA, as well as supporting new ones. A recruitment drive isn't the end of our vision for the server, and we have longer-term goals in place to put our best foot forward in supporting Authors of all backgrounds more closely, just as we are doing with our VA department.

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TSVA has had a hand in revoicing Vigilant and Unslaad, as two of the premier efforts to have hit our server. You will also doubtless find familiar names among our ranks, who have played parts in CoT III, Shumer, Beyond Reach, Jerall Mountains, Legacy of the Dragonborn, Shezzarine, and more – a host of VAs who have tried-and-true quality.

If you didn't catch the link, you can join the Discord Server here: Come join us in making the Skyrim modding community more fun, exciting, and prolific – both for the creators and the end-users. I look forward to meeting each one of you as we build upon the already incredible Skyrim Modding community!


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