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Ulfric Stormcloak, Scum of the Nirn

This is my first entry in this little series of posts I will make, about historical figures in Elder Scrolls Lore, and how they are total pieces of Guar crap. And what better way to start, exposing a racist son of a mudcrab like Ulfric, and put a little controversy in this subreddit by letting imperials and stormcloaks murder each other un the comment section.

First of all, I will start by saying that I do not engage in any type of activity led by a person I do not believe in nor respect. With that said, I would be more than happy to join the stormcloak rebellion, if it was led by another person not named Ulfric Stormcloak. Ulfric has shown himself to be a lot of things: dishonorable, dishonest, disrespectful, racist, selfish and with an utter desire to become the High King at the cost of the lives of the hard-working people who found shelter in his ideas. Ulfric Stormcloak is a poor excuse of a man, and I will prove it with this post. That being said, lets begin.

Rise of a Fake Idol

Ulfric was captured by Aldmeri forces during the great war, and he snitched. That is quite funny, as he shows himself to be the type of guy that dies defending his ideas (when in fact other people died for him), but he snitched on the empire. And this was before his fase of "Skyrim belongs to the nords". Ulfric is a hypocrite. He passes on this idea of a leader who defends his ideas to the death. Not even torture or vactions in the realms of oblivion would change his mind, he would defend his ideals to the death. But he snitched on his previous allegiance.

Furthermore, Ulfric's rise in Skyrim did not start because of his own merit. It's not like he was born on a farm and struggled all the way to become a strong leader. He was in fact born to a wealthy influential family, as he was the son of the Jarl of Eastmarch. He was, by all accounts an impecabble military leader, I'll give him that. He led a militia and regained the Reach from the savages that controlled it. And you can'te blame him on the Markarth Incident thing. He offered his services to recapture the reach, and he did say what he wanted to gain. free worship of talos. Yes, it was stupid on his behalf, and as it was already illegal, and yes, he was putting the lives of the people that lived in the reach at risk, since we all know what the aldmeri dominion does to talos worshippers, but the real stupid person here was the Jarl that accepted this proposition. It is said the Ulfric used the Thu'um during this markarth incident. It just shows his plain disrespect to the ways of the greybeards. It's not like he is the last dragonborn, and can use the thu'um just how he likes it. It just shows how disrespectful and dishonest he his.

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Establishment of a Fake Cause

Ulfric was thrown in the slammer, and quite frankly we would all be much better if he died during his stay in jail. He was eventually set free, and became the Jarl after his father died, which basically established the beginning of the Civil War. And I dont blame the Nord Peasants who were mad at the empire. I don't. Let's immagine, you are a poor farmer. Some family member died defending the empire during the great war, and, in the end, the empire looses. Furthermore, the empire looses to the damn elves, who, just to humiliate you even more, outlaw the worship of your god. If I was a religious peasant, I would be pissed. And I don't blame the peasants. I blame Ulfric for using these peasant's rage, and using them to his own benefit. Smart, but shitty behaviour. Ulfric, as the slimy, sluggish toad he is, wants to become High King. His lust for power is just stupid. Ambitious, but stupid. And since he wants to become the high king, why not rally a bunch of angry peasants to join your fake cause and wage war against an already weakened empire? Ulfric just show's how selfish he is in this. Instead of rallying the people of skyrim to be patient, and help the empire rebuild, so they can take the fight back to the elves and regain what was once theirs, he does the complete opposite. He tells his people to rally against an extremely weak empire. This just shows how dumb he is. And independent skyrim is weak, whether he likes it or not. An independent skyrim is the perfect prey for the aldmeri dominion. But Ulfric is too dumb and prideful to see that.

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In his lust for power, Ulfric murdered the high king Torygg. But it was in a duel, right? A tradition. Not that bad. False. Ulfric, who, mind you, is a god-damn war veteran, challenged Torygg, a young king with limited combat experience to a battle. Furthermure, he, once again, used the thu'um, showing complete disregard and disrespect to the way of the voice, and killed Torygg. Im not even going to mention the fact that he said he wanted to meet Torygg for a "diplomatic audience". And why did he murder Torygg? Well, he believed Torygg had betrayed the people of Skyrim, and was merely a puppet for the empire. Once again, showing how dumb he his. the empire is weak enough as it is, with the aldmeri dominion lurking around it like a shark lurks around an unsuspecting surfer. The emperor is weak and can do basically nothing. So what in the hell is the High King going to do?

Just a shitty person

And yeah, besides all of that, he is just a shitty guy. He is pretty racist. He completely ignores the problems of the non-nord population of Windhelm, and doesn't let argonians into the city. There are a lot of foreigners who live and grew up in Skyrim, but you'll finde none of them within the Stormcloak army. It is entirely composed of Nords. He sits around in his throne all day, drinking mead, while some peasants get killed in the battlefield on his behalf. He show's no respect to the greybeards whatsoever, due to his careless use of the thu'um, and he is dumb and short sighted, incapable of comprehending that helping the empire is much better than having an independent, weak Skyrim. Anyone smart enough can understand the Ulfric only wants to become the High King. Unfortunately, Skyrim is a land of dumb peasants, and most of them can't see through this character that Ulfric presents. He doesn't care about the people who fight for him. He cares about himself. And that would be fine by me. The only problem is, he doesn't present it that way. He presents it like he cares about the countrie's well being and future. He doesn't.

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And this is it. I hope you enjoyed. If you have any objections whatsoever, write it down in the comments, but please, use arguments to prove your points. If you want to murder each other in the comments, please do, I would utterly enjoy that. With that said, here is the official resumé of Ulfric Stormcloak:





Hungry for power;





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