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Undeath mod compatibility

I am looking to install one of the Undeath/Lich mods, but there's so many branching mods and potential compatibility issues that I'm getting lost on where to begin

To start with, I am currently using Ordinator, Imperious, Sacrosanct, and Path of the Revenant. As far as I can tell "Undeath Remastered" is the base mod, with two popular branches being "Undeath – Classical" and "Undeath – Immersive". I would really like to not give up my vampire lord powers and keep doing the Dawnguard questline so I assume I would need one of the mods to retain the ability to be a lich and a vampire at the same time? I also saw a brief bit about The Path of Transcendence but it is talked about much less and it seems at first glance to be some very temporary (~60 seconds) transformations and just some stat changes, which seem nice but a lot of the passive stat changes seem to overlap with just being an undead vampire. Bone Colossus looks awesome though. Overall I was eyeing Immersive but I am open to others.

This is what I've gathered, tell me if I'm wrong


  • Big selling point is that you can use all your spells in lich form, and you shove black soul gems into your phylactery vending machine to unlock more racial spells
  • It seems like they need access to the soul cairn, but can't access it normally because that requires the vampire questline. Classic Lichdom – Vampire Lich or Tainted Blood both claim to solve this, but Vampire Lich also says Tainted Blood does not solve this, and was released after the newest update of Tainted Blood so I'm not sure what to believe there


  • Seems to be the original mod++, adding new spells and abilities, but not fundamentally changing any mechanics
  • Specifically calls out a patch for Path of the Revenant, which classic does not mention at all. Not sure is that means classic would not be compatible or there would just be two staves in existence
  • Vampiric Lich would probably not work because it calls out Classic Lichdom specifically, but Tainted blood… might? It doesn't really specify. Tainted calls out the original mod and Classic, but just ignores Immersive.
  • The Ascension seems to be a nice expansion, but calls out in the description that you need to disable Immersive's esp, unless the esp is version 1.3 beta. Immersive is version 1.3 but does not use the word beta anywhere so that would mean… keep both esps? Also mentions that they "made some changes to Dragon Priest masks", which I am worried would conflict with Reliquaries of Myth


  • Biggest compatability I think, since it specifically calls out Ordinator, Imperious, and Revenant.
  • Unsure of how it interacts with vampirism
  • Main benefit seems to be a single summon spell, undead status/stat changes, and a revival mechanic.
  • No mention of dual-vampire support.

I also was seeing some issues with Immersive and Sacrosanct, but I am not sure if that is a common thing or just an isolated case. I read some reddit post a week or so ago that also mentioned a bunch of dirty edits in one of the mods but I am having a hard time finding that.

So I guess the overarching question is… where the hell do I start? It seems like Immersive should work, but there is a level of uncertainty on if Tainted Blood works with it, and if it works with Sacrosanct at all. The Ascension is also a bit vague in how to install with the whole beta comment, and while it does not straight up call it out, seems to imply it will overwrite Reliquary.


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