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Underrated mod! EHSE – Reactive Combat

This is the sister of the Action Combat Mod.

Now just because they are sisters doesn't mean that they are the same

I just copied the desc read it and it will explode your mind

-attacks flinch and stagger with no RNG
-1h, 2h, Bows, and Elemental Destruction Magic all have different different flinching/staggering capabilities
-depending on skill level you can increase the strength of your stagger
-channeling spells stagger, but only once a second or two depending on which hand you use
-magic uses the same poise-like stagger mechanic as unarmed :NEW
*As mentioned by mark85m, friendly fire from mage followers can get really crazy in high level play, it is recommended you install "no friendly fire addon" from the "amazing follower tweaks" if your followers get too annoying. Thanks mark85m for pointing that mod out*
Link :

-consecutive attacks will slow you down, by the fourth hit you will be so slow that the enemy will be able to get a free hit on you (if you have a good combat AI mod)
-with dual wield you can alternate between hands to prevent slowdown until the fourth strike
-added some dual wield combos, certain sequences of attacks will provide less slowdown, some even give a slight speed-up
-compatible with other mods that add spells/items/perks/abilities that change attack speed
Note: The attack speed mechanic is conditioned so that Elemental Fury will still give you increased attack speed even after the fourth hit. It will still feel like you're slowing down from your initial strikes, but it will also feel like you're tireless since your attack speed doesn't drop below the regular rate.

:Can be toggled On/Off
-the camera will now shake after landing attacks/power attacks
*A big thanks to Jasagna for suggesting this feature*

:Can be toggled On/Off
-unarmed is now governed by onehand skill, it is also enhanced by onehand perks/enchantments if you use the new Monk spell, which mimics a weapon
-you will gain experience with onehanded skill while using unarmed
-Actors now gain stagger resistance to unarmed attacks if you attack them too many times in a short duration
-this is meant to simulate tiredness of unarmed attacks
-stagger resistance doesn't last that long, eventually actors will start flinching again
-unarmed stagger resist only applies to attacks FROM non NPCs and left hand attacks from leftunarmed+rightmagic wielding
-as of 1.1200 unarmed is affected by attack speed
-a number of onehanded perks will affect unarmed combat as it would with other onehanded weapons
-four unarmed auras in total
-each one emulates mace damage of a different material quality
-each lasts for about 5 minutes
-they can be found in certain Dragon Priest Lairs, and Dwarven Auomaton sites
-the weakest spell can be found in helgen
-the clue to the location of the strongest spell is located in a city/town/village near the dungeon

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-interrupting an enemy as they attack will cause them to recoil
-they will be completely defenseless and unable to defend or attack while recoiling
-this applies to you too of course, so watch your butts

-strength and chance of knockdown is affected by skill
-you can only knockdown using bash attacks
-chance of knockdown depends on weapon, 2h,1h, dagger, or fist
-knockdowns only work with undefended power attacks
-if you want to knockout an enemy who is defending, you must first break their guard
-to do this you mush bash them multiple times and eventually the will lose the ability to resist knockdown
-actors can regain their knockdown resistance after a certain amount of time has passed without taking hits from power attacks
-Different weapon types have different knockout and guardbreak abilities
-only 2H weapons can guardbreak
-dual wield can naturally guardbreak because their bash has multiple hits
Note: unarmed bash works the same way (trolls love to abuse this)
KO chance tier: Warhammer>Battleaxe>Greatsword>Fists>Mace>Waraxe>Sword>Shield(With Deadly Bash Perk)>Knife
Guardbreak ability tier: Greatsword>Battleaxe>Warhammer
Chance to KO%: Onehanded Weapons=Onehanded skill/4, Twohanded Weapons=Twohanded skill/2, Knife=Onehanded skill/6.66
Bonus Chance to KO%: Mace+10, Axe+5, Warhammer+15, Battleaxe+5, Hand to Hand+15
*A big thank you to Sydroxia for suggesting this feature*

-blocking attacks will give you a speed advantage
-depending on the situation this will allow you to make an effective reposte

-1h + magic is now a viable combat option. You can open up enemies at a range with magic,
then move in with melee.
-Regular 2h strikes have lengthy stagger when not blocked
-2H has great defensive and offensive capabilities with the reposte feature
-1h+shield naturally has much higher atk speed when attacking after block, compared to 2h
-you no longer need a mod to block with dual wielding, since you can just interrupt your enemy before they land an attack
-dual wield has great advantages over other weapons in higher levels because of their high attack speed and ability to combo
-dual wield maces/axes are great for knocking down enemies
-1h+unarmed is now a viable combat style
-summoned animals can KO enemies, especially ones with high onehanded skill

BIG thanks to proksi for letting me share this mod. The newer version of EHS can be found here!

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-confirmed fully functional via Save Game Script Cleaner
-actors out of range from the player will automatically remove the script
-the script is removed on cell transition
-the script is automatically removed on death
-also works on summons after they expire

-Ultimate Combat (turn NPC stagger resist on, and set bow stagger % to 0 for maximum compatibility)
-Dance of Death
-TK Dodge/TK Combat
-TK Hitstop – RECOMMENDED 🙂 (please read the performance tweaking section of this description)
Note about perks:
-none of the vanilla perks have been changed or altered
-all the tweaks to unarmed and attack speed is done with ehse's own perks and condition
-I also HIGHLY recommend using the Attack Commitment mod by taro8

-SPERG (onehand/restoration perks should now work with EHSE's unarmed combat and monk auras)
-PerMa (same as above, perks from PerMa should apply to unarmed now)
-Ordinator (same as above)
-Requiem (same again, also fixes the weird value set in armsman20)
-Bleed Them Dry

-SkyUI or MCM
-SKSE (For SkyUI)

-With version 1.1250, EHSE should be running well even with 30+ enemies on screen. But your FPS, and enb preset can effect EHSE's performance.
-If you're using a graphics intensive preset or get >40fps, then I recommend using EHSE with TK Hitstop. EHSE was made with using TK hitstop, dodge, and Ultimate combat in mind.
-For FPS<40 With hitstop, set the stoptime value to around 0.8 – 1.6 (if it's still sluggish, then just max it out) -For ENB with FPS>40 stoptime value to around 0.3 works great
-Setting blur to 0 also helps
-In skyrim.ini in the "papyrus" section, set bEnableLogging, bEnableTrace, and bLoadDebugInformation to 0
-You don't need them on unless you are debugging.
-If you're not satisfied with the mod's performance you can tweak your skyrim.ini to make it a bit faster
-to do this go under the "" section
-edit "fUpdateBudgetMS=1.2" to a value LESS than 2
-if you wish to go a little bit above (don't do it man), i highly recommend keeping it below 1.6
fExtraTaskletBudgetMS takes time out of other script tasklets under high stress situations
-by default it is equal to fUpdateBudgetMS, so it can potentially stop other script tasklets
-im not sure if that's a good thing, but I have no idea how the game decides which scripts to take time out of and why
-conclusion: you should probably set fExtraTaskletBudgetMS to equal fUpdateBudgetMS (but i usually leave it at 1.2, it's default value)

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-Use the brawl spell to switch off EHSE
-Wait until it expires
-Remove "Every Hit Staggers.esp"
-Remove "Every Hit Staggers.bsa"
-Remove all scripts with a filename starting with "ehs_" if you use the non bsa version

-Make slowdown mechanic compatible with all mods that change attack speed
-The next release will be 1.0. All the major mechanics are complete and all the bugs I've found have been taken care of plus I've implemented as much anti save bloat as I can. 1.0 will also have better knockdown mechanics. Warhammers/Maces/Waraxes/Battleaxes will have different bonus chance to KD. Greatswords will have stronger guardbreak, Battleaxes will be a mix of both guardbreak and KD chance. 1H Swords won't have any bonuses except their natural fast animation speed and reach.
-Will implement camera shake on hitting enemies
-LeftHandWeapon+UnarmedRight, and H2H is missing out on all the fun, damage for unarmed is worthless, so I'm cooking up an optional add-on for unarmed.
-Keeping in line with EHS principles, I'll be sure it will be compatible with other unarmed mods.
-I overlooked magic when I reimplemented recoil. Magic will be able to disrupt enemies the way weapons and H2H does in the next release.
-I feel like the balancing on spell stagger isn't good enough. I'll have to implement a poise-like mechanic like i did with unarmed.
-In the next version I will make your total unarmed damage viewable on the MCM
-Going to have to add a toggle switch for unarmed damage and onehanded exp gain
-Versions after 1.1010 will include both a BSA and non BSA version of the mod
-Will add more monk spells, Occult Fists is meant to emulate a steel grade mace.
-Will add more dual wield combos, probably (someday)


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