The Elder Scrolls

Unending debate.

 Order in the Council. 

Ahem greetings everyone, we've been on the edge of this debate for almost 5 years since the release of the game and there utmost novels but the question remains who is right ? the justified tamerialic council will not stand silent

today the council will reveal the hidden truth that ravels between the Stormcloak and the Empire.


The Empire is the heart of all of tamriel and has been one of the supportive Allies in the 2nd and 3td Eras, some say it "has been on the Edge of crumble since the disappearance of the Dragon blood of the Septims" quoted by Ulfric Stormcloak but is it really?

Now let's see what are the perspectives of people on the Empire:

  • they are what's keeping order in Skyrim.

  • strength in military power.

  • they are cooperative with many of the other races.

  • they are thalmor puppets.

  • they allow thalmor to execute Skyrim's Inhabitance who aren't obedience to the white gold concordat.

  • and most importantly the signing of the white gold concordat. _________

The imperial led by general Tullius are fighting to reserve law and order over tamrial With there noble cause to rule over it an emperor's goal it is no debating upon that.

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There military power is decreasing miraculously due to the war there military can't control over Cyrodiil and skyrim both regions military are decreasing for dependency on men power supplies and draining steel Arms.

The imperials have claimed some false statements that are only beneficial to there own beliefs but many fail to see the truth behind what hides in there own political purposes.

1-They claimed to "keep the Thalmor out of Skyrim" which is entirely false therefore you see them roaming around Skyrim.

2- they claimed that Ulfric murdered king torygg, even tho he challenged him to a duel.

3- they never had the slightest ideas of what was going on in Skyrim till the stormcloak arouse I wouldn't call that keeping the people of Skyrim safe.

All due to the white gold concordat, the empire is using the concordat to regain there power for the past 25 years, 25 years of disbandment of the blades , imprisonment and slaughter of loyal talos worshippers there's no denying in that point that the empire are really losing power as mentioned even with the war going on they are losing much more.

High King torygg was a way point to the empire ruling over Skyrim like any other king the empire chooses to continue off there campaign because tiber septime reunited Skyrim in the first place after they dividing it which how Skyrim was ruled during the 3rd Empire.



The stormcloak are the rebellion of the people they're the underdogs standing for the rights of the people of Skyrim to disband the Empire and the Thalmor out of there lands.

What is stated about them:

-they are fighting to become dependent and kick any immediate threat from Skyrim.

  • they claim enormous barbaric powers.

  • they are uncooperative with other races.

  • ending the white gold concordat.

  • used by thalmor to decrease number of imperial legion.


Stormcloaks given there name by the empire led by ulfric stormcloac have been considered traitors which is correct by means of abandoning the empire.

Even tho Their hasn't been a true high king for Skyrim for a long time as mentioned before that Skyrim is ruled by emperor rulers that's what stands between them and having there own dependency even tho there supplies may decrease with the disbandment of the empire.

Ulfric is well known to have murdered torygg but as mentioned in the Nord's tradition he challenged him fairly and squarely.

Almost everyone agrees the thalmor are using them to decrease the military power of both sides until the thalmor regain there own.


By that the council has analyzed both sides of what it has to work with and driven me mad With my regards.

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