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“Unknown error” with Synthesis (Installing SME(FT) ) and miscellaneous questions.

Hi there,

I'm somewhat new to modding skyrim SE, in fact, I used to mod oblivion and skyrim (classic) and I kinda lost the carelessness of my youth where I installed mods with no particular order and manually. I'm now more ready than ever to build my modlist on a solid foundation

So after like 2 weeks of intense searching, I found what I needed, a bare-bone/baseline list of mod I could build on : SME(FT). Even If I don't even know the half of what the tools are doing.

Now, I'm at the last step, using Synthesis (which, if I understand well, is used to "patch" automatically the mod from a database). But I get a "Blocking Error" when it try to patch SynFloraFix (I suppose that is actually Flora respawn Fix) that says : "Unknown Error: Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 16.9.0+57a23d249 pour .NET" followed by a lot of "can't copy" and files path.No one seems to have this error and I followed the steps thouroughly. Can I ignore it ?

This is my most urgent issue so I can begin to play…

And if you have some time I have other questions you could answer to save me time ?

General :

My game is in French and while some mods are translated, some are not. Beyond the inconsistency of the language that could pop up any time, is there cases where there could be conflict ?

Graphic :

Like, I plan to add some texture pack and ENB to my game ; is there a way to know if it will run well on my PC (Intel I5 6500, amd RX580, 32gb RAM) without downloading like 10gb worth of 4k texture?

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I remember that in the early day of skyrim modding, there were mod like "cake texture" mod and that you basically added mods over mods to get a "better" Skyrim, but without any consistency : Is there now a mod that change most if not all texture ? Or am I doomed to get a pack that change flora, then armor, then skin ?

Not that I'm a texture-holic, but I'm more interested in higher-poly mesh, especially one that apply to body/face parts of NPC.(Because if I remember well, any custom change apply only to the PC, like for followers) Does it exist?

Also I found this mod to have a little bit more body (and face) diversity to NPC but it only apply on female, do it exist for male an female ? My goal is to have NPC that are more diverse in size (like that) but also somewhat randomized in their assets ; like more or less tall, more or less fat, randomised body measurement, within margin of their own race.

I'm also fond of an anime-ish style and/or a stylised look rather than a photorealistic skyrim : it "ages" better in my opinion as it forgive graphic oldness, and my spec are not really ready for a photorealistic game… Do you have something like that for NPC ? The goal is to somewhat emulate the style of BlackDesert Online but is it important that everyone have the same treament.Same thing for terrain/flora/armor etc I found "stylised Skyrim" but it is overkill and the "oil paint" one is not quite what I want… I mean something like Code Vein.

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For ENB i'm still split of what I want but I know I want really good light effect and deep "crispy"

Split by the style actually : I play Valheim currently and I really really love the light effect.But I also love the realism of the color of

(I was thinking about Rudy ENB for that but it is a bit too much saturated)… Any clues ?

Gameplay :

The fights feels even more "clunky" than ever after 10 years and the camera work is terrible. Any way to modernize ? I mean, something a little more dynamic with both fightning with weapon and with spells, but not in a way that only me, the PC, benefit from these new mechanics : I don't want to feel overpowered because I can dodge or cast Spells NPC doesn't have access to.

Any ways to tweak the difficulty beyond the "difficult mode is me dealing x0.5 damage and enemy dealing x1,5 damage" meme ?


absolutely nail what I feel about combat in Skyrim, and I plan to use these mods to improve it.

Physics :
It is something that Skyrim lacks. I know there are ways to apply physics to things but somehow any research l do land on jiggling boobs, which I'm not at all interested in. I have in my mind to add physics to cloths and hairs even if it means faking it by integrating it into the animation as Genshin Impact does to save resources. But all the NSFW stuff interferes with my research and my gf begin to question me… any ideas ?

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To roughly summarize : I want something that is close to this but in Skyrim (I know it is a 2011 game).

Thank you a lot for your time. 🙂


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