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Unpopular Opinion: There is too much fast Travel in this game.

Content of the article: "Unpopular Opinion: There is too much fast Travel in this game."

Let me explain: I started a my first playthrough (only with Bugfix Patches,and no other mods, so nearly vanilla) in a decade or so 2 weeks ago. The game sucked me in like crazy and I already spend 97 hours on it without touching the main quest or the add-ons. (Yes I am out of a job at the moment 😀 )

Iam not using the Morrowind wiki, but iam safescumming and I have found 3 propylon indices and every one really felt like an awesome discovery due to their rarity. However, it kind of feels like just a token or a collectible and not something actually useful, even though they should be in my opinion.

The problem here is that fast travel is too common in this game: Almisi/Divine Intervention, Mark/Recall, Mages guild, Silt Striders and Boats have me covered to an extend that i never actually used a propylon chamber outside of pure interest and exploration. These forms of fast travel are kind of too easy to come by and too cheap, especially Mark/Recall, Almsivi/Divine and Mages guild.

They have me porting to my point of interest instead of actually traveling there. Now sometimes fast travel is really nice to have, especially if you are further into the game and there is no need to travel the same road for the X-time.

I think Propylon indices should be a massive reward for exploration and a step from the mod into the late game when it comes to transportation. It would be really cool when your character has found these rare and lost items and can use this mystical way of transportation that nobody else can.

Here is how I would change fast travel to make is special: -Boats/Silt striders: Just up the cost by another 0 on the end so you are more inclined to use them in the mid game as opposed to the early game which will result in more adventure and less quest box ticking but still make them a normal form of transportation. Maybe connect siltstriders to Redoran and boats to Hlallu, making them cheap or even free to use of you finish these house quests.

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-Guild guides: Make this a reward for finishing the Mages guild! How awesome would it actually feel to unlock this form of trave when you have been walking/taking Silt/boats the entire time.l (and I think finishing a faction is sometimes not met with a good enough reward)

Mark/Recall: Mark these great spellsisters a reward for reaching Master or Archmagister in the House Telvanni Questline and not learnable otherwise. Pretty much same reasoning as before. Up the cost of scrolls/Potions that serve this function by a ton so it remains a rarely used form of travel and it keeps learning the spells special.

Almsivi/Divine intervention: Up the cost of the scrolls my a lot and make them rare so it is only used in an emergency and not really as a form of readily available fast travel. Make the spells only available as a reward for finishing the temple/cult questlines.

I think these changes would make fast travel way more precious and special and providing real rewards for either concentrating on making a lot of gold to buy the expensive scrolls/potions/services (intervention, mark/recall, boats and striders) , finishing faction questlines (free boats/ striders, mark/recal spells, guild guides, intervention spells) or exploring (propylon chambers)

Sorry for the long text, what do you think about these changes, are there any mods to achieve something close to it?

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TLDR: Make fast travel special, rare, expensive!


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