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Update for Real Bosses to 2.0

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to post this cause I just did a very long play through and long editing session and feel like I have this mod tuned really well to play nicely with most peoples games now. The mod now works great alongside Skyrim Revamped and the new EEOS Spell injector. If you want to think of those mods as the tools to make enemies and spells more unique, you can consider this mod the thing that adds a little oomph to the spells. Although it does do a lot to add some uniqueness to fights on its own as well.

The main file will work well for most peoples games, it makes bosses last longer and hit harder but any reasonable leveled player shouldn't struggle too hard against most the enemies. ( although if normal skyrim is a struggle for you this mod may not be something you will enjoy. )

There is also a hardcore version for those who have incredibly OP characters. I personally recommend tweaking your game in such a way that the main version works for you but it's all preference. The main version has bosses be about 2-4 times harder than before, where as the hardcore version has them significantly harder. This allows those with many combat enhancers and mods that enhance difficulty to enjoy bosses harder than normal enemies with the main version but still avoid being one shot. And players who use heavy enchanting to get very large mag resistance and spell absorption to still be challenged with the hardcore version. I have some more notes on figuring out the right difficulty for your game on the mod page.

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Anyway here's the link and I'll link Skyrim Revamped and EEOS too because they're excellent mods:

Real bosses

Skyrim Revamped


edit : quick little update – I just made a few more things a bit more modular on the modding side regarding application of enhancements to the NPCs. This has allowed me to add another optional version – intermediate. To make the mod more approachable for everyone the light version is a bit easier than before ( it was already toned down a lot for going 2.0 ), then the intermediate is closer to what light used to be like when first made, and hardcore is made harder for those with very OP characters.


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