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Uploading localization mods to Xbox

Skyrim does not suppport evry language. Therefore, people that use unsupported languages rely on mods for localization.

Xbox users have more problems, since they need the mods to be on to use them.

Well, it's been 5 years since SSE's release, and I guess most of the unsupported languages would have their localization mods up by now. I just came by to share the information for people who are new to localization mods and having trouble uploading them.

Here's the process. I am Korean, so the example is also in Korean.

  1. Change the string files' name from @@@@_ENGLISH.~~~ to @@@@_Korean.~~~ (All the files in the Strings folder. Like Skyrim_ENGLISH.DLSTRING)

  2. Change the Translate_ENGLISH.txt file's name to Translate_Korean.txt (this file is in the Interfaces folder)

  3. ini file is required. Below is ini file's content



sResourceDataDirsFinal=strings, interface

  1. ini file is uploaded if it has the same name as the esp, and if it is in the data folder. (I came to know this yesterday. Sorry if you already knew this.)

As for the esp, create an empty esp using Creation Kit. Or use some other mod's empty esp and rename it (I suggest downloading any kind of localization mod from PC and using it)

  1. In case you're wondering, I used SSE Creation Kit fixes from Nexus (I forgot to download the facegen stuff, but it worked anyway.)
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CK kept freezing when I did not use it. Once I installed the fix, freezing stopped

  1. Now it's done. After enabling the mod and quitting and restarting, game texts show up in Korean, and the interface as well.

Most importantly, the game stays in Korean even after disabling it. Thereby enabling the achievements while staying in Korean.

Maybe this is obvious for other people, but since I am a console user, I was frustrated by CK. I only bought Steam version for CK use only, but the mod uploading part was so hard for noob like me. Hope this will be of help for anyone interested. Thanks.


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