The Elder Scrolls

Using FNIS and Nemesis together

saw this discussion over at LL. First post linked below is the method, 2nd post is someone testing it. I flaired this as PC-SSE Mod but it shouldn't be SSE specific. I just can't see how to add a 2nd flair for LE.

ummary for MO2 users (needs testing):

  1. read the post here:—Nemesis-Main/issues/98
  2. in MO2 ensure these are in this order top to bottom (check the esp list on the right as well):
  • FNIS – Main mod
  • FNIS – Spells
  • FNIS – Creatures
  • FNIS – Data (generated files from overwrite folder)
  • Nemesis – Main mod
  • Nemesis PCEA
  • Nemesis – Data (generated files from overwrite folder)
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer (optional)
  • (SLAL and animation packs)
  • (other SL mods)
  1. temporarily disable Nemesis – Main mod
  2. run FNIS to generate new files (check the overwrite folder too)
  3. disable FNIS – Main mod
  4. enable Nemesis – Main mod
  5. run Nemesis, generate new files (check the overwrite folder too)
  • if Nemesis created a new fnis.esp move it to the "Nemesis – Data" folder and position it on the right side above the Nemesis esp file. This file exists to handle legacy animation files that are hard coded to look for it (I think)
  1. repeat 3 thru 7 if installing/removing creature animations (or make part of your "do it anyway" procedure)
  2. In-game, Mod Manager
  • use SLAL to register animations again, reset creature framework, make sure creature anims enabled in SexLab options etc etc…

    I have not tested this myself, but plan to (gotta make a backup first). Not sure about handling other mods like MNC overwriting any of the Nemesis/FNIS generated files if they load later (testing required).

OK, I'm using MO2, instructions from post #19 actually works for me. Short version, what I do; Left List order; FNIS FNIS Creatures FNIS Generated Files Nemesis Nemesis Generated Files Everything else, animatinos, SL mods, etc. 1. First you do Fnis as standard, but when Im doing it im disabling Nemesis and Nemesis Generated Files. 2. Then i am disabling Fnis and Fnis generated files, and enabling Nemesis and Nemesis Generated Files. 3. When Nemesis is done, reactivate fnis generated files, so when you ready to launch game only FNIS main mod is disabled. Done. Creatures animations works, now i have some SL mods with responsive roll, crouch slide and other Nemesis dependable shit.


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