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Very, Very frequent crashes

I just reinstalled oblivion and modded it, created a new character, it worked fine during character creation, but, when I actually started playing it, it crashed just after talking to the Emperor, and then I tried again, and I am able to progress through the tutorial section very, very slowly, because it crashes every 1-5 minutes, I don't understand what I am doing wrong.

My modlist is (I know it says that maskar's overhaul is a "deliquent master", but when I put it above the bashed patch, when I open the game, it tells me to put it below it.:

00 Oblivion.esm

01 All Natural Base.esm

02 Cobl Main.esm

03 Mart's Monster Mod.esm

04 Armamentarium.esm

05 CustomSpellIcons – OBME.esm

06 Av Latta Magicka.esm

07 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp

08 UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp

09 Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp

0A DLCShiveringIsles.esp

0B Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp

0C All Natural.esp

0D All Natural – SI.esp

0E All Natural – MMM Patch.esp

0F Symphony of Violence.esp

10 Sounds Of Cyrodiil.esp

11 All Natural – Real Lights.esp

12 WindowLightingSystem.esp

13 AddActorValues_example.esp

14 Book Jackets Oblivion.esp

15 FormID Finder4.esp

16 kuerteeCleanUp.esp

17 LootMenu.esp

18 Streamline 3.1.esp

19 Enhanced Hotkeys.esp

1A DLCHorseArmor.esp

1B DLCHorseArmor – Unofficial Patch.esp

1C DLCOrrery.esp

1D DLCOrrery – Unofficial Patch.esp

1E DLCVileLair.esp

1F DLCVileLair – Unofficial Patch.esp

20 DLCMehrunesRazor.esp

21 DLCMehrunesRazor – Unofficial Patch.esp

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22 Sounds of Cyrodiil – Mehrune's Razor Add-On.esp

23 DLCSpellTomes.esp

24 DLCSpellTomes – Unofficial Patch.esp

25 CapesandCloaks.esp

26 Immersive Weapons.esp

** Weapon Improvement Project.esp

27 LevelerCheat.esp

28 DLCThievesDen.esp

29 DLCThievesDen – Unofficial Patch.esp

2A DLCThievesDen – Unofficial Patch – SSSB.esp

2B Sounds of Cyrodiil – Thieves' Den Add-On.esp

2C Cobl Glue.esp

2D Cobl Si.esp

2E Alluring Potion Bottles v3.esp

2F ArmamentariumLL.esp

30 ArmamentariumLLVendors.esp

31 ArmamentariumLLMagic.esp

32 ArmamentariumArtifacts.esp

33 ArmamentariumLLArmaVendor.esp

34 Mart's Monster Mod.esp

35 Mart's Monster Mod – Shivering Isles.esp

36 Mart's Monster Mod – Diverse Imperial Armor.esp

37 Mart's Monster Mod – Gems & Gem Dust.esp

38 Mart's Monster Mod – Hunting & Crafting.esp

39 Mart's Monster Mod – Durability & Damage.esp

3A Mart's Monster Mod – Less Bone Loot.esp

3B Mart's Monster Mod – Less Rats.esp

3C Mart's Monster Mod – Less Reavers.esp

3D Mart's Monster Mod – No Carrion Rats.esp

3E Mart's Monster Mod – No Slimes.esp

3F Mart's Monster Mod – No Pests.esp

40 Mart's Monster Mod – No Beholdens.esp

41 Mart's Monster Mod – No Uberhulks.esp

42 Mart's Monster Mod – No Balrogs.esp

43 Mart's Monster Mod – Spawn Rates – Reduced.esp

44 Mart's Monster Mod – Safer Quest Locations.esp

45 Mart's Monster Mod – Dungeons of MMM.esp

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46 Mart's Monster Mod – More Wilderness Life No Gates.esp

47 Mart's Monster Mod – More Passive Wildlife.esp

48 Mart's Monster Mod – City Defences.esp

49 Mart's Monster Mod – Farm Animals.esp

4A Mart's Monster Mod – Diverse WaterLife.esp

4B Mart's Monster Mod – Slof Horses Complete.esp

4C Mart's Monster Mod – DLCHorseArmor+Slofs .esp

4D Mart's Monster Mod – Diverse Runeskulls Loot G&GD.esp

4E Mart's Monster Mod – Diverse Creatures Expansion.esp

4F Mart's Monster Mod – Undead Rise Fix.esp

50 BrotherhoodRenewed.esp

51 RoadLights.esp

52 DLCBattlehornCastle.esp

53 DLCBattlehornCastle – Unofficial Patch.esp

54 DLCFrostcrag.esp

55 DLCFrostcrag – Unofficial Patch.esp

56 Knights.esp

57 Knights – Unofficial Patch.esp

58 Mart's Monster Mod – Knights.esp

59 Sounds of Cyrodiil – KOTN Add-on.esp

5A Roads of Cyrodiil.esp

5B Unique Landscapes.esp

5C ULM ROC+Ancient Redwoods.esp

5D ULE LevelerCheat-ImperialIsle patch.esp

5E ULM ROC+UL Skingrad Outskirts Patch.esp

5F ULE MMMDungeons-CliffsOfAnvil patch.esp

60 Harvest .esp

** Harvest – Shivering Isles.esp

** Harvest – DLCVileLair.esp

** Harvest – DLCFrostcrag.esp

61 Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells.esp

62 Better Dungeons.esp

63 HUD Status Bars.esp

64 P1DkeyChain.esp

++ ShinySeptims_Septimus.esp

65 ShinySeptims_Trajanus.esp

66 Toggleable Quantity Prompt.esp

67 ATakesAll.esp

68 WeightlessAmmoConsumablesPotions.esp

69 MidasSpells.esp

6A Enhanced Grabbing.esp

6B Mart's Monster Mod – Resized Races.esp

6C Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp

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6D OCOv2 Beast Races Enhanced.esp

6E Kart Hair Replace v01.esp

6F Khats & Args.esp

** OCO DLC Faces.esp

** NPC Hair Matches Beard.esp

70 UVIII.esp

++ ROC Standard Road Record.esp

++ ROC – OCReborn Road Record.esp

++ Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp

** All Natural – Indoor Weather Filter For Mods.esp

71 OCO_Eyes_Fix.esp

72 NAO.esp

73 Realistic Armor Weights-2194.esp

74 Realistic Weapon weights-3534.esp

75 Av Latta Magicka – Birthsigns.esp

76 Av Latta Magicka.esp

77 Av Latta Magicka – Rebalance Complete.esp

78 LINK.esp

79 Mart's Monster Mod – Divserse Wisp and VASE Addon.esp

7A Ultimate Leveling.esp>

7B GBRsRAMpurge.esp

7C ULM ROC+UL-II Patch.esp

7D Bashed Patch, 0.esp

—-> Delinquent MASTER: Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.esp

7E Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.esp


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