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Veteran Hard Mode Fang Lair solo – All bosses – MagDK

Content of the article: "Veteran Hard Mode Fang Lair solo – All bosses – MagDK"

Before enter any bosses, i recommended using DK because lots of range adds hit really hard so protective scale will save u a lot. Use prismatic onslaught for weapon, it will help kill last boss and undead boss faster. Let's begin :

: Lizabet Charnis – This boss will kill herself immediately and split into 4 clone ghosts, each of them will hit u around 5k, dodge this or use protective scale or u will be killed immediately. U have to kill all adds and repeat this progress 4 times to end the battle. Each wave will destroy a clone, make it easier. The only thing u have to beware is colossus stomp, a big stomp will spread and u have to block it, dodge wont work and u will be knockdown.

: Cadaverous Bear – There are total a main boss and 3 type of adds. First is bomb dog, second is guar and third is tiger. The bomb dog should be dodge when they trigger aoe or u will be killed, guar only drop some aoe at special condition. Now the tiger, death grip will trigger every 30s for the first time and 20s after by this tiger and it cannot be blocked or dodged or reduced by magDK ulti or using precognition to break free. There's a small edge near the guar u can use, that edge will prevent u from being eaten. U still take dmg from guar so u should shield yourself during this, when death grip timer start again, u can go back and continue, but now death grip will trigger every 20s so at 10s left u want to hug that edge again. When tiger is unconscious, u have 60s before death grip available again.

: Caluurion – Pretty easy boss, u want to dodge those aoe on ground, when relic is active, u go to that relic and wait till those skeleton stack on relic and when these explode, it will destroy relic and u can continue dmg the boss. Repeat when other relic is active.

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: Ulfnor – When his flame sword animation start, stay away from him or u will be killed by 4 flame aoe. Ghost chain will happen at 80%, 60% and 40%, equip precognition when the ghost chain u, u should wait for the chain almost near the ghost and use precognition or u will be killed if u activate it too soon, u arent immune to dmg anymore when use precognition so be careful. U also need some luck. Some time even u trigger late, main boss still do the flame aoe and u will be killed.

: Thurvokun – Easy to kill the boss but very easy to die if u dont mind your position at excute phase and some luck too. I recommended using razor caltrops for entire fight. The most dangerous is not the boss but the spider. Each second a spider near u, u will take 10% more dmg from all attack. This cursed will be increase to 20% on hard mode because 2 spiders will spawn at a time so using razor caltrops will slow them down by 50% and u can easily kill both of them, spider cannot curse u if they are stunned so u can use meteor or any abilities that can stun them. Now at certain hp, the mage will active a crystal, crystal will spawn a colossus every 20s, not a big deal but if too many u dont have enough stamina to dodge the heavy attack, u should destroy crystal fast so they dont spawn, now spider will spawn at u, u can use a meteor on crystal near spiders to disable them and gain a large amount of ultimate. Mage sometimes does a channel attack, u can interupt it by bashing or using crushing shock or simply use protective scale and ignore it. Destroy all 4 crystals and u move to 2nd phase.

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2nd phase : A line of ghosts will move to u and NPC will shield u. Make sure to hide behind them but u should pray the NPC's shield to shield u at empty ground, sometime they will shield u in poison aoe and to survive u have to use magma armor. I havent used mist yet on this poison but u can try it for me. When boss at 5%, mage will transfer his spirit to dragon and gain back a large amount of health. Now u move to excute phase.

Excute phase : 4 random ghosts from random direction will move to u. U have to stay away from it. If u touch them, u will be killed so mind your position. Colossus will spawn, kill it fast so u dont waste stamina on them. Boss will roar, ghost will disappear and u will be feared, break free immediately and find a yellow aoe (it's a shield from npc), walk through them and u will be safe, repeat until the boss is dead.

After completed this dungeon, i got fang lair chest motif, this will be my blessing motif for those who buy this. I will list it at the cost of 999.999 gold in ST Elsweyr Guild in Windhelm. If u buy this, god will bless u with ability to solo every PvE content. ^_^


Build : 1 pc spell crit + undaunted unweaver + undaunted infiltrator + pale order ring. Except last boss is 1 pc armor. Lover stone is recommended.


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