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Veteran Stone Garden has been soloed !!! – All bosses – MagDK

Content of the article: "Veteran Stone Garden has been soloed !!! – All bosses – MagDK"

Before any enter bosses, i recommended using vampire stage 3 or higher to survive this dungeon. You wont have a chance to survive last boss if u are NOT vampire. For me i use vampire stage 4 to reduce ultimate cost more and 50% cost reduction from sprint. Let's begin :

: Exarch Kraglen – His heavy attack must be block or dodge or use mist form. After 2 his heavy attack, i recommend use mist form to gain immunity to knock down when he roar, now time to interupt him or u will be cursed, your current resource will be reduced to 50%. He will do stomp, u have to get out or atleast block, now lots of aoe will pop up, dodge it as much as u can or your armor will be reduce a lot.

: Stone Behemoth – Pretty easy boss, some time he will charge his hand on this air, dodge it. The adds basically drop aoe that drain your resource and u need to kite it around the room. Boss will trigger large aoe, get out of it immediately.

: Arkasis The Mad Alchemist – This is nightmare, the boss itself is very dangerous, plus 2 adds will increase difficult by 4x.

Before enter this boss. I recommend u should unlock the Laboratory Use from alchemist skillline plus bring 13 Luminous Russula with u and kill the Bloodknight in the secret room near the last boss room. U will gain Bloodknight Brain, now combine 3 ingredient to create potion that give u 3500 hp and 6% dmg reduction. It will save your life a lot plus undeath passive from vampire. This boss will do heavy attack and u have to dodge or use mist form, when his dagger on fire, u will have 50% chance to dodge his combustion attack after he attacked u 2 times with his fire dagger ( not always ). Combustion attack has heavy dot, if u cant dodge it, shield yourself and use mistform for safety. Now 4 type of adds will come to u, first one is boar, this one simply hit u very hard, keep attacking it to gain heath and shield yourself, second is worm, this one has a special attack that can stun u, dodge it, third one is dog, this is nightmare, desync will happen mostly from this dog, this one has heavy attack that will oneshot u if u dont dodge, when this dog exist, heavy attack from boss may kill u even u dodge in time. U want this dog to appear as much in the first 2 phase so in excute phase u wont face it anymore. The last one is bloodknight, this add is extremely dangerous, harder than boss, it hit very hard, u want to kite it around the room with elusive mist. Seperate it from the boss or u cant survive. It will have a bleed attack similar to combustion attack, u can dodge it but u need luck. Some times it will spill an aoe, dodge it or u will be stunned. It also has heavy attack that u must dodge.

At 60%, boss will go immune and stone husk will come, take Bestial Transformation from NPC, destroy all those adds, use skill 3 to interupt when u see them channel big aoe , use skill 5 to heal yourself if your health is low ( use once only, if u press again it wont heal u anymore, this time u will roar ). Now this time the boss will have a new mechanic, he will throw a dangerous potion on the ground, u want to run away using elusive mist and go to opposite of the room to lose it or hide behind pillar, but i prefer run away. If it hit u, u will be stunned. This will lead to permadeath. Use Swarming Scion when bloodknight appear.

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At 20%, boss once again go immune, kill those stone husk. Now boss will have a lot of new mechanic. First one is lightning aoe, this one will follow u, u have to kite it around the room, second is lighting bolt, this one will immoblize u even u use mist form, u can roll or use mist again to run, last one is boss's cleave attack, u can get out of it range or simply block, if u dont, u will be stunned and silenced. There's mechanic that will pin u who is not targeted by lighting so if u solo, this mech can be skipped. Now adds will spawn faster, u want to use Swarming Scion everytime it is ready, not only bloodknight. Repeat until the boss is completely dead !


That's it ! 13 vet DLC dungeon has been soloed. There's nothing to solo anymore. Some dungeons still have some mechanic that impossible to solo so i will leave it alone like Ruin of Mazzatun. ______________________________________

This dungeon is extremely hard so i will give a complete build. 1x pirate skeleton on head + 5x undaunted unweaver on chest, hand, leg, waist, feet + 1x undaunted infiltrator on shoulder and 2x on ring and 1x on weapon + pale order ring and vMA lightning staff backbar. Vampire stage 4. Lady mundus stone. Armor all divine trait, except head is reinforced. Pen trait + shock enchant for weapon ( undaunted infiltrator ) and infused trait + flame enchant for vMA. Ring 1x spell dmg with bloodthirsty, 1x reduce spell cost with infused, 1x flame resistance with infused. All stats are magicka ( 64 points ). Tri stat on chest and leg, health on shoulder and head, other is magicka.

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