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VIGILANT and VIGILANT Custom Skills – Translation Update and Release

A double for you today. 😀

English translation for VIGILANT has now been updated for version 1.6.2, so you can go grab it now. What's new this time? Let's see.

  • Temple of Stendarr now has a dungeon with a Holy Piper prisoner and a book telling you some more about him and his organization (ties in to GLENMORIL)
  • you can visit said prisoner after each act and have a short conversation with him about what happened (don't expect exactly sane replies from him)
  • 5 new radiant quests available in the dungeon with the prisoner (rug in front of him acts like a missive board)
  • two additional stats, Devotion and Radiance, to complement Karma (Vigilant related radiant quests award Devotion and a tiny amount of Karma, Holy Piper related quests award Radiance and a tiny amount of Karma)
  • option to spend Devotion/Radiance for Health/Stamina/Magicka/Perk Points
  • Eye of Marukh can now be used to enable tracking of flashback events (quest markers), along with checking how much Karma/Devotion/Radiance you have
  • alternate way out of the place you're trapped in in the finale … for a price

A word of warning … don't let the word Radiance fool you. And think very carefully whether you really want to go down the alternate path out of the place you end up in act 4. If you know what blindly obeying Orlando right at the beginning does, then you'll have a fairly good idea about this as well.

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You can find the updated translation in the links below. And yes, it's safe to update.

I also have the English translation for VIGILANT Custom Skills available now. 🙂

What does this mod do? It basically adds a completely new, Vigilant of Stendarr related perk tree into the game. All of the perks are very paladin-like (except for one joke perk), giving you more defense and damage against the undead, ghosts, vampires and Daedra. In my opinion it meshes very well with VIGILANT, and the two mods together now make Vigilants of Stendarr a fully functioning faction (considering VIGILANT added a bunch of radiant quests recently, too).

And yes, it works with any perk overhaul you may already have; it's a completely new perk tree thanks to .NET Script Framework and Custom Skills Framework … but you absolutely DO need those two to make it work (along with SKSE).

Is it balanced? Heh, I'm not the right person to answer this, but honestly … it looks a bit OP to me. And you can unlock all the perks right off the bat if you have enough points to do so, so your mileage may vary. I don't know how much Vicn cares about balancing it, but considering he's quite happy to throw a level 200 boss at you (looking at you, GLENMORIL), I wouldn't expect huge reworks of the tree. Maybe role play the perk acquisition, yes? 😛

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Also, I need to mention this – I took some small creative freedom with the names of some perks where it made sense or the original name didn't accurately convey what the description said about it. Some examples:

  • original perk name directly translates to Rigidity, but it grants your attacks more armor penetration -> I named it Piercing instead
  • original perk name directly translates to High Noon, but it makes Sun spells more effective -> I named it Praise the Sun (I just felt it was a huge missed opportunity when there were already Ghostbuster and Exorcist perks there, don't judge)

If people really don't like this, I'll return those perk names back to their more literal translations. But I'll grumble about it. Let me praise the sun, please. 🙁

You can grab the translation here (SE only, sorry):

I suspect GLENMORIL will receive a similar perk tree for witch hunters. UNSLAAD … I don't think so, but who knows.



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