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VIGILANT Voiced update – Orlando and no more voice jumping

Content of the article: "VIGILANT Voiced update – Orlando and no more voice jumping"

So, after an embarassingly long time, I finally finished what I already had before Vicn changed the mod to an ESM version …

A plugin that eliminates that annoying issue of NPCs jumping between their custom voices and random vanilla lines.

Rejoice! No more Altano sounding like a generic Thalmor in one line and then suddenly telling you about Vigilants in an entirely different voice in the next moment. No more Gwyneth immitating Ysolda. No more Molag Bal yelling at you in generic Dremora voice.


  • as mentioned above, Vigilant Voiced.esp plugin will now ensure that the NPCs speak only in their assigned custom voice and no other
  • rebuilt merchant and follower functionality (because completely new voice types broke it, obviously, and yes, that means scripts)
  • spliced vanilla lines for the four vanilla NPCs (Andurs, Keerava, Elda Early-Dawn and Jorleif) and adjusted subtitles accordingly
  • Reyda revoiced and now sounds like a proper evil witch/hagraven (voice kindly provided by Purgey)
  • Orlando the Knowledgeable now has a voice too, rejoice (voice also kindly provided by Purgey – don't get too attached, will likely still change when GLENMORIL is done)
  • some volume tweaks for certain scene specific lines (no more Molag Bal getting drowned out by the flames crackling)

Unfortunately I don't have a video preview of redone vanilla NPCs, Reyda and Orlando as I honestly didn't have time to replay the mod and take videos – rebuilding of that helper plugin took me practically my entire vacation time and most of that was spent on wrestling with CK. Also, I hate followers.


In order to eliminate the issue with NPCs switching between their custom and vanilla voices, they had to be assigned their own voice types … which completely and utterly broke all merchant and follower functionality in the mod, which obviously had to be rebuilt. This means scripting, but it's very minimal (seriously, 1 line of code for merchants and ~1-6 lines for followers) and the scripts only run when you decide – for example, when you ask a merchant what they have for sale and their sale window opens or when you recruit a follower.

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Merchants work without issues, but followers now run on their own very simple follower system and if you already have a follower with you, you will not even get a recruitment dialogue for the mod added followers (if you dismiss your current follower, you'll be able to see the dialogue and recruit them just fine, though). At the moment I don't know why this is happening, but I suspect it has something to do with the dialogue conditions. As it is, I consider this a minor enough issue that it shouldn't ruin anyone's game (and honestly, if those few VERY basic followers Vigilant offers you in its final act make or break your enjoyment … this may not be the mod for you in the first place). Anyway, if anyone knows the solution, feel free to point it out and I'll fix the thing.

Also, since the followers are now on their own very basic follower system, I have zero clue how they'll act if you try to manage them with any follower management mod. Maybe it'll work fine. Maybe your computer will blow up.

I don't know. I hate followers, I don't use them and neither do I use any follower management mod. Vigilant is meant to be a solo adventure anyway in my opinion, but if you really must drag an army of followers with you, then you're probably capable of dealing with any inevitable issues arising from that. You're on your own here, sorry.

Oh, and one more thing about the followers – they are basic. Really basic. No lines aside from responses to recruitment, command, trade, wait and dismissal. They'll follow you, fight for you, trade with you, do what you want and stay quiet. Nothing else. Did I mention that I hate followers?

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The four vanilla NPCs used in the mod (Elda Early-Dawn, Keerava, Andurs and Jorleif) now have their dialogue made up of spliced vanilla lines. Obviously that makes their lines a little less translation accurate and a little less informative. Some lines also flow better than the others, most obviously with Jorleif (who has the most lines) – I will likely tweak them further in coming updates, but for now it's better than having them switch between voices. Even so, this took an ungodly amount of time.

If anyone really misses their old custom voiced lines, I will provide them again. Just be aware that they'll be switching between their vanilla and custom voices for those.

Mod specific NPCs are less chatty now because of their custom voice types. No generic greetings, no combat yells, no random humming, nada. If they have anything to tell you, they'll do so once you're in the dialogue with them and then they'll shut up. I'll consider giving them some random generic and combat lines once the entire mod trilogy is done (read, when GLENMORIL is finished), but for now this is fine.

And one last, Special Edition specific note: Vigilant Voiced.esp is an ESL flagged plugin, which means it won't take up space in your load order, but this required me to compact form IDs and rename all plugin specific voice files. In theory, everything should now work fine, but I didn't have time to really thoroughly test everything to be sure (didn't find anything strange in my short testing, though). If you find anything stupid happening (like merchants or followers not working, missing voices and similar), tell me and I'll try to fix it. Or in the worst case, I'll just ditch the ESL flag entirely. Hopefully it won't come to that.

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Special Edition:

I am now going to bed – if there are any questions, I'll reply tomorrow. Enjoy. 🙂


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