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Vilgefortz inspired spellsword build

So I had just begun my first real oblivion playthrough and after a couple of attempts I finally made a build I like. It’s a spellsword that was inspired by Vilgefortz from the Witcher series. Not only is Vilgefortz a great warrior, but he’s an incredibly powerful mage. This build captures just that. My character is a Breton named Vasal.

His story began when a small village was holding imperial soldiers, as they were traveling back to the imperial city from a large battle. A women with magical abilities was being harassed by 5 imperial soldiers, as they called her names like “Witch.” They became more aggressive and proceeded to attack her. Then, one of the more highly skilled soldiers stepped in, cutting them all down. This man was exiled from the imperial city and stripped of his title all for helping the poor woman. Well long story short, that imperial and the Breton woman fell in love and moved away. Eventually they had Vasal. Vasal was a tough warrior like his father, and a talented mage like his mother.

Vasal was a troubled youth, as he would always get in fights while protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. One day he went too far and killed a man harrasing a beggar. When confronted by the guards of the village he claimed that his father had done the same to protect his mother and that helping the defenseless “runs in the family.” Vasal was exiled and decided to go to the Imperial city where his father grew up. (I used the alternate start mod to show how he got there) From then on, Vasal joins the arena as a combatant and helps everyone he finds in his daily life

I haven’t progressed too far yet, but I’m loving this build.

Race: Breton Class: protector (custom) Endurance and Intelligence to show his toughness and street smarts Major skills: blade, block, alteration, conjuration, destruction, restoration, and light armor

Typically I run into battle casting protect, or another shield spell. I then conjure any creature and I swing and block as needed. I also throw in some destruction spells to help kill my enemy.

Vasal goes through the arena quest line pretty quickly as he has a knack for fighting and he can fight nonstop due to his toughness. I also plan to do pretty much all guilds at some point. I would say he lost his way for the dark brotherhood and thieves guild. He’s also a quite serious character most of the time but can also have some dry humor moments. Almost like batman in a way.

It’s a really fun build and you can change it in any way to fit what you would like. Hope this inspires some other builds out there.


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