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Voiced and/or Quest follower Mods. Which ones are worth ditching for an evil crime doer character?

Content of the article: "Voiced and/or Quest follower Mods. Which ones are worth ditching for an evil crime doer character?"

I just finished Installing around 200 follower mods. I'll smash them and merge them together of course, but there's several follower mods that I am not sure about if they are worth keeping in the load order.

So far I uninstalled Hanor the Hammer – follower only version. Despite what it says, it also adds several poorly made NPCs with that mod. Hanor himself has no sound at all.

Ditched Kratos follower, cause it seems to have problems with feet mesh/textures? If I have them changed for male characters.

Ditched Nerevar follower (nto to be confused with Nerevarine follower), cause he's an Imperial supporter for some reason.

Ditched Evangeline – cause she seems to shun crime.

Dunno if I should ditch Livia Salvian? Seems she also has a stick up her ass about me fighting the Imperials. I plan to be a Stormcloak on this playthrough and all my playthroughs to come, so maybe she's not worth keeping? Author vaguely mentioned something that she does eventually warm up to the idea of Stormcloaks??

Ditched Ambriel, cause I read a review about her "Story" and it was quite laughable.

Ditched Rigmor of Bruma cause I don't like being the secondary character to my NPC follower and honestly my character just ends up a lackey to her.

What about Lucien, Aurlyn Dawnstone, Auri Song of the Green? And other quest+voiced followers?

Any you would recommend to keep or to ditch? It would be great to know some opinions in this matter before I start merging them.

I will definitely be keeping Vilja, Inigo, Atvir Dres, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, Jarek, Xanthys, Hoth, Valfar, Harv, Thorald Greymane, Sofia, Recorder, Mirai, Big TITS Misty Skye, Arissa, Benjamin Doon from the ones who are truly Unique.

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Unless you have information about these followers that would prevent me to fully enjoy them with my crime prone character, perhaps? I confess I only managed to play a lot with Vilja, Atvir and of course – Conan.

Any suggestions, advice would be appreciated.



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