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Want to mod again. Looking for Advice / have some questions

Content of the article: "Want to mod again. Looking for Advice / have some questions"

1) i havent modded in 2 years. Last time i modded there was FNIS, LOOT, skse and MO2, vortex was in beta. What new stuff do i have to take into account? Are there any new tools to make modding quicker. What is wabbajack and how do i use it?

2) when is the best time to start modding? I remember that Bethesda constantly screwed everyone with their every now and then updates for SSE, forcing a lot of mod authors to update their mods and then the ones that didnt update would be incompatible with the current version, so id end up with 50% of mods only being usable with the new update and 50% of mods only being usable with the older version… (If i did get that wrong please let me know). So has bethesda lately updated skyrim again and if yes, have they announced when they plan to stop updating the game?

2a) same question regarding mod updates. If i remember correctly you cant update a mod mid-playthrough, but mods get updated so often, soooooo what do you do about that?

3) should i mod LE or SE? I first modded SE because i thought that newer = better. But afterwards i played some skyrim ultimate on LE and it worked fine, although the graphics were obviously worse and i do care for the looks of the game. Ive read plenty of different opinions on this topic and id like to get some clarification on which game to mod.

4) take a look at my specs and let me know how much modding i can do and how high resolution i can use. I remember using the NORDIC guide for modding and some ENB 2 years ago with this laptop and when there were 5 enemies around id get a lot of stuttering and freezing.

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NVIDIA GEFORCE gtx 1060, i7 processor, 8 GB RAM

(i plan on buying an additional 16 GB RAM 2400 hz for a max of 24 GB memory, cause i believe that might be the reason why some games get huge stuttering when i play on higher resolution (for example pathologic 2 stutters a lot unless i play on below average graphic settings)).

5) i never used dyndolod and these other tools for skeletons / object meshes or whatever they were called and i was wondering if they will increase performance or reduce it?

6) finally i remember that people would recommend keeping the downloaded mods on an external hard drive. Is that correct? Should i keep the modded game on an external hard drive and just plug it in when i want to play?


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