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Weapon Scale – Bow

Probably going to be editing this post as I try more things but im here because im giving up after about 3 hours finding nothing but dead ends.

The problem: (XP32 SME)

  • For a female character (havent tested male yet), bows seem to be enlarged after being "unsheathed".

  • Changes to weaponscale, main/twohanded/offhand(secondary); do nothing to bows, they only change the arrow size.

  • Changes in body scales or weapons to "bow" only seem to affect appearance of the sheathed weapon (I assume this is intentional).

– Upon loading a save game, the bow is originally properly sized (to scale = 1, without influence from weaponScale) when unsheathed. After about 10 seconds, it (and the quiver) flicker a bit and then the scale is upgraded (edit: to scale = 1.25 or similar, without regard for weaponScale or bowScale). Switching weapons, walking through doors (through loading screen), unequipping and requipping— all do nothing.

Theory 1:

From ALOT of googling it appears that skyrim originally had an issue with female weapons being scaled down by default— XPSME has a section on this on their page under "XPSME Weapons" :: "Fixes weapon scale problems with the game for females, thanks Bethesda, good job!"

I believe that XPSME has "solved" this issue by scaling female weapons to 1.25 — This isnt just true for bows, testing with maces and swords showed a scale up for them (however this WAS influenced by weaponScale, unlike the bow).

I think the problem is that this "solution" isnt needed for some reason or the other, but is applied anyway.


Found this post with ALMOST identical issue, 5 years ago. The only non-identical part was that there's got fixed by just waiting.

I also found this. Installing it seemed to do nothing

Originally found this from here

I even tried actually manually switching the files rather than just overwritting them.

Completely removing the scrip file made no changes (On every test i made a new save game).

The testing process is taking forever and infact i have added another 1.5 hours on since i started writing this. Going to try removing all the script files (then one at a time) to see which (if anything) script file is fucking it.

Couldnt figure out how modwatch or whatever it is works so im posting loadorder from pastebin

edit 1:

Removing 5 script files seems to have "fixed it". On exiting racemenu it is broken, but on loading a save it is returned to normal as before, but without the scripts im guessing no updates are called because it isnt getting resized anymore.


XPMSEWeaponStyleScaleEffect.pex XPMSEWeaponQuest.pex XPMSEWeaponPlayerScript.pex RaceMenuPluginFemales.pex XPMSEWeaponApplyEffect.pex

I am sure this is going to have negative effects, but so far the bow is properly sized and i can still change its position on my back.

Edit 2:

It appears to actually DOWNSIZE now. didnt notice at first because it isnt as easy to see, guess ill just scale down the one on my back to compensate.


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