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Weird visual glitch on all armor. Help needed.

Content of the article: "Weird visual glitch on all armor. Help needed."

Basically, when I look down I can see the armor that I'm wearing glitching through and blocking the view. How noticeable it is depends on the model of the armor (smaller armors blocking less of the view, bigger ones more). It doesn't pop into view suddenly, like you would expect from a glitch, it's always there, as if it's supposed to be that way, you just see it more if you look down. It feels sort of like if you were to take a piece of the armor model from 3rd person and make it visible in 1st person.

Screenshot of the glitch:

None of the mods that I am using seem to be causing this, as disabling them makes no difference. I have even tried doing a clean reinstall of Skyrim SE and the glitch is still there.
However, I remember using the Enhanced camera mod in the original Skyrim. When I switched to SE I tried copying my save files from Oldrim to SE, when I loaded up my save from Oldrim, I think that was the first time I encountered this bug. Maybe that has something to do with it. Not being able to fix the glitch in any way I know how, I tried installing the Immersive First Person View mod for SE. To my surprise, the glitch seemed to disappear when I was using that mod. After removing Immersive Camera, the glitch was back, but this time it appeared to be less severe.
So idk, maybe some vanilla files containing something about camera stuff were somehow corrupted by the saves that were using the mod? This theory is a stretch, but I have no idea why this could be happening, like I said I did a clean reinstall of the game to no effect.

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Enhanced Camera:
Immersive First Person View (SSE):

I have not seen this glitch anywhere else, looked everywhere on the internet and could not find anything like it. Please tell me if you have seen this glitch anywhere or encountered it. Help on solving this would be much appreciated, because I am at a loss.


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