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Welcome gamepass outlanders! Here’s a few tips for you to help you get started!

  1. South West a bit from the starter town you'll find the body of a tax collector. Do this quest and it'll net you an easy 500 gold and you can use the killers house as your own, great spot to stash gear.

  2. You can drop stuff on the ground and it won't despawn! Invest in a mark and recall spell and next time you're out plundering and get ecumberd simply drop the heavy stuff, cast mark where you're at, then travel to a store and when you're ready cast recall to take you back to your marked spot! (Almsivi intervention takes you to the nearest temple divine intervention takes you to nearest fort, these scrolls can be bought from the enchanter in balmora mages guild as well as many other locations)

  3. Magic early on can be frustrating! Constantly failing casts and such but what about enchantments? They're a fantastic workaround especially early game! Enchanted items recharge themselves so you don't even need to carry soul gems with you (although recharging them yourself boosts your enchant skill) there's lots of enchanters in the game who may cost a pretty penny but it's guaranteed success. Also you can make scrolls using enchanting! You just need a gem and paper

  4. There are a couple fortify attribute and fortify skill spells in the game in case you ever wanted to make your own, but they're only available in mournhold. To get there you just need to be attacked by an assassin which will happen around level 6ish when you sleep. Their armor is great too so be sure to snag that up!

  5. Kind of referencing tips 3 and 4 here. Do you feel sluggish? Of course you do! I recommend taking that mournhold trip asap to get a fortify attribute spell so that you can go to an enchanter and make a piece of jewelry that fortifies your speed. As I said they recharge themselves as you rest so it's an easy way to buff your speed up, this can be a bit costly though so have some gold saved!

  6. There are 2 merchants in the game who have lots of money 10,000 to be exact. One is in the Raven rock colony on solthsthiem (which you may remember from skyrims dragonborn dlc) but to get him you must first build Raven rock which can be started by going to the second floor of the imperial cult shrine in fort frostmoth. The second merchant is the mudcrab merchant. He's on a tiny island just east of vivec. On the island next to him is a big dwemer ruin so he isn't too hard to spot just remember he's a mudcrab so don't mistake him for an enemy!

  7. Tombs and deadric ruins respawn as soon as you leave them so be sure to use tombs to farm easy loot and xp and many of them have special gear to find! Deadric ruins have amazing gear but are tougher. The overworld also respawns when you leave it so be sure to rest before leaving any dungeon in case there's something waiting for you outside.

  8. If you wish to easily boost speechcraft head West of the starting town and you'll come across a village called hla oad. Just North of them is a bridge with a Nord who talks about murderous outlaws, he is the outlaw so instead of asking him about the outlaws just keep admiring him for easy speech gain, you'll want to take breaks then come back though or you'll just keep failing as he gets tired of your admirations.

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EDIT: I thought of a few more

9 – You can delete spells by selecting them in the spell menu and pressing left bumper. You can also quickly change out enchanted items on the fly in this menu as well.

10 – Holding x and pressing left or right trigger will switch your weapons and holding y with left or right trigger will switch spells. Take note though that switch spells also includes enchanted gear so if you have any enchanted swords or clothes you will equip those when you switch to them so be careful you don't accidentally unequip something you need.

Ask questions if you'd like and welcome to Morrowind!


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