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Welcome Stadia Players. Ask Questions, Get Answers Here

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Just a friendly reminder that just as we don't allow "Console Wars" or "PC Master Race" BS here, we will also not tolerate any flippant Stadia bashing. Take that shit elsewhere.

List of Stadia Launch Known Issues:

Get the most out of the Greymoor Chapter and Update 26 with these community-made guides and builds. Note that the development of some of these guides occurred during the PTS cycle, so some finer details may have changed.


Brah We Got This—20 Tips for Beginners (Greymoor)

Take advantage of these quick tips when you first start your adventures in ESO.


Dottz Gaming—Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (Greymoor)

Dottz has once again updated his massive beginner’s guide for the new Chapter. It’s a big one!


Tianlein—Blackreach Vanguard Style

Tianlein highlights one of Greymoor’s new styles and tells you how to get it.


ESO Roleplaying Community—Greymoor Roleplaying Guide

If you’re thinking about roleplaying in the new Chapter, this guide, crafted by various RP community members, is a great place to start.



Shimmer—ESO: Antiquities Complete Guide

Shimmer breaks down everything you need to know to get started with the new Antiquities system.


Icy—Antiquities System How To

Icy walks us through Antiquities and its minigames from start to finish.


Lucky Ghost—Scrying and Excavating Strategy Guide

Lucky Ghost runs through some strategies and tips for both scrying and excavating!

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Alcast—Antiquities Grind Guide

Alcast outlines some of the fastest ways to level up your Antiquities Skill Lines.



Hack the Minotaur—Magicka Templar Vampire Build—VAMPLAR

Enjoy a ton of Spell Damage with this nasty Vampire Templar build from Hack.


Xynode Gaming—Almost Immortal Warrior Tank (Greymoor)

Xynode has updated his Almost Immortal Warrior build for Greymoor by using the Vampire’s new Hypnosis ability (and more).


Sherman’s Gaming—Vampire Lord (Nightblade Build)

Sherman has a brand-new build that makes use of many of the new tools that Vampires got with Update 26.


ArzyeL Gaming—Magicak Necromancer PvE Build—ArchLich

If you’re looking to stalk the people of Tamriel with your Necromancer Vampire, this build is perfect for solo and PvE group play.


Liko—Magicka Warden PvE Build

Liko makes use of the new Vampire abilities to dish out a ton of damage with this Magicka Warden build. Note that the full build details are in the description.


Skinny Cheeks Gaming—Magicka Nightblade PvE Guide

If you’re struggling to find ways to improve your DPS, Skinny Cheeks covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your Magblade with the Greymoor update.


NefasQS—Best Monster Sets for PvE Tanks

Get the inside scoop on what monster sets you should be looking at if you want to be an effective PvE tank with this guide from NefasQS.


A big thank you to the ESO community for creating all of these amazing Greymoor guides, walkthroughs, and builds. If you’re after more, be sure to check out the guides on our Guides page or the Official Forums. If you’ve crafted or enjoyed a community-made guide, share it with us and the rest of the ESO community via @TESOnline, Instagram, and Facebook.

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