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Were you about to start a new playthrough? Aww, TOO BAD! A list of mods I’ve found while making my load order and a few helpful links

Attempt number 3 at posting this.

You don't care about me, you care about the mods! But you know what, I care about you, and this community. After scrolling through pages upon pages on Nexusmods looking for any and every type of mod I've started taking (important) notes for those I've downloaded, and tracked those more obscure and lesser known/appreciated mods to compile into a list, including some more links you may find useful.

Sharing is caring, don't forget that. I want to see more lists like this, I'm sure there's plenty of mods I've missed or are just hidden and held onto that you could show me. A lot of LE mods (simple af too) would do wonders if permissions were open to properly port and host a page for proper communication and updates, even if they are unofficial. Locked comments? Why? Just why? How else is the community going to help fix and troubleshoot your (possibly unstable) mod if you stop their best way of communicating on a particular mod out of the I don't know hundreds of thousands of mods on Nexus. Where else could they discuss? What do you gain locking comments, you just take away from everybody else.

I won't add a detailed description for each and every entry, you'll just have to click the link and see for yourself.

For my newbies on porting mods from Oldrim to Special Edition : & &

AddMenuItem : – Must have for testing mods that add any item to the game.

Jaxonz Diagnostics : – Information gathering and diagnostics for troubleshooting.

STATUS : – Very useful for information, similar to above but may be more useful when editing things.

: Automation Tools : – These script have a lot of use and helpful functions. One of them helped me fix Immersive Jewelry's broken economy by selecting all of the armors, applying the script to change any value (in this case DATA – DataValue) and use a formula to divide, ex: (333 / 3) = $111. Just read them, the page does a lot better job at explaining all of its uses than I can. If you do anything and see a difference, you should make a post about it here or in one of the many discords, help somebody else out.

Spell Overcharge : – I highly advise you to at least give it a try. "The general idea is that Magnitude/Duration and Spell Cost scale 1:1. So a 50% strength only costs 50% magicka while 200% strength costs 200% magicka." Plus on-the-fly hotkey support, I have mine bound to M4/M5 and it works flawlessly, more playful with spells. Just don't use the 'ALT' function (if yours is the same it will mess with the FOV and with an ENB it messes with terrain) but you don't even need to, and I wouldn't advice to. Works with Fizzle, Just Cast It, Magic Surge, etc.

Magic is Dangerous :

Dino's Spell Discovery : – Alternative to Spell Research and similar mods.

Agent of Mora – Spelltome Crafting : – Same as above.

Casual Skyrim : – Not a single question, just download and install.

Cobb Encumbrance : – Changes movement speed based on how close to the weight limit you are.

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Iomaungandr Rising : : Lore-friendly dungeon (requires shouts to finish). Haven't tried yet but comments give praise.

Legendary Cities – TES Arena – Skyrim Frontier Fortress : – I was waiting for this mod to get updated before I started my playthrough but looks like I might have to catch it next time (nothing is wrong the the current version, I'm just picky). I wouldn't even feel the need to use other city overhauls with this to be honest.

The Elder Scrolls V – Expanded : – This may never leave my load order after seeing how small yet how world-building (and compatible!) it is. It's the little things ya know.

Corners of Skyrim : – Deleted navmeshes 🙁 somebody please save this mod.

Campsites in Skyrim SSE :

Captor Bandits : – Putting this here but I did have a problem with floating set piece and a pretty much glitched camp. May have just been that one but as it was the first and only, I didn't want to test it completely.

Necromancer Ritual Places : – Same mod author as above.

ROS Banners : – Banners outside of Whiterun, Windhelm, and Solitude. I assume they don't change after the Civil War questline so just disable the flags or beg for an unnecessary update like me with updated textures and a flipped pole for Windhelm (because they both face the same way).

Solstheim for the Dunmer :

Power Stones of Skyrim : – Adds 34 scattered power stones granting overpowered OR minor buffs for 8 in-game hours. The only reason I took this out of my load order is because there isn't an individual texture for those found in snow, so it looks quite out of place.

Qaxe's Winterhold SE : just google it

Tharash Dol – Orc Stronghold and Player Home

Inconsequential NPCs : – Fill up those empty cities and taverns.

Lore Worthy Bandits : – Alternative to OBIS and imo more sensible at early stages.

SSE Legendary System : – Brings the Legendary System from Fallout 4. Needs some editing if you're up for it.

Stormcloaks Escorting Prisoners : – Why wasn't this in the base game?

More Thugs for Petty Thieves : – You are a Thief right? You reap what you sow.

Ruffian : – or 'When The Town Decided "Lets Jump That MF Right There!"'

Alpha Wolves Enabled : – Just enables Alpha Wolves spawn data which were already in the game, just nowhere to be found.

ROS Armored Huskies : – Guard dogs outside of Whiterun, Windhelm, and Solitude.

World Meat(er) Beater Eater Beater : – Probably gonna die.

Enhanced Skyrim Factions – The Companions Guild :

College Days SE : – Haven't truly started my playthrough yet but this seems like exactly what I wanted out of the College. Mod author said it is to be compatible with ICOW (don't know about current version, nor ICOW + Obscure's). In the comments there is a post about the Eye of Magnus quest not being completed. I will take the risk and hope for a fix.

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Spidercraft – Spider Scrolls Unleashed : – Doesn't add any items, just enhances what the Dragonborn DLC brought with Spider scrolls.

Portal – Dynamically Placed Teleportation :

Withe01 MagicArts :

Innkeepers Don't Escort SSE :

Automatic Horse Stabling : – Ride your horse in front of a stable, dismount, and the cities holster will guide your horse to the stables. Simple as that. Oldrim hidden gems for the win.

Lanterns for Guards : – If you want, go in SSEEdit and if you have a mod like Luminosity or Relighting, find that mod's light values for the original torch. This mod replaces original torches with lanterns, not adding them separately. You should add the original torches back into the leveled list. It won't break the game otherwise, just adds torches back to inventories for variety.

Followers Don't Draw Weapons :

(Brand-Shei's) Fine Goods from Morrowind : – Because he was straight up lying at first.

Craftable and Placeable Havok-Enabled Bedrolls : – Actually liked this one a lot, just when I drop the bedrolls they would spaz out and fly everywhere. Maybe you'll have a better experience.

Clams Drop Pearls :

Heimskr Only Preaches Only Weekends :

No Dark Brotherhood Mooks :

Supreme Blizzards SE : – Only affects StormSnow weather so very easy to make a patch if you need/want to. I suggest to turn the density down and push the fog back a little. Honestly didn't notice any performance change, and it makes the cold regions colder.

Supreme Ashstorms SE : – Same as above except for AshStorms only in Solstheim.

Cresty's Distant Mists for ENB (or) Volumetric Mists for ENB / Riften Jail Fix – Riften Jail Fix for SE, and compatability patches for the two mists mods and ENB. Make a personal patch, doesn't work straight out the oven. Read the instructions, add one value in WeatherType (per weather) and viola.

Clap Like You Mean It :

Random Clap Animation :

Less Sarcastic Applause :

Sprint with Magic : – male and female version

Consistent Miraak :

Hallgarth's Additional (Vanilla) Hair SE : + i – Wait wtf, is this actual accurate Redguard hair I see? Thank God.

DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance – Haven't tried yet but will on a vampire run.

Bat Effect When Transforming : – You actually need this if you play as a Vampire, it's a crime you don't have it right now.

Helmet Overlays + Retexture &

TB's HD Cubemaps : – Load this before the one below.

HD Cubemaps Pack : – Best cubemaps I've found.

Masser and Secunda Remover : – You won't be forgiven.

Giants Eat Humans :

Pelted Chairs SE : – Pelted. Chairs.

Quick and Dirty (Whiterun Floor) : – Thanks IBetaReddit! Not gonna take all of the mods from their list, just click this link to their post

Leafless Rift : – I actually found a mod to add snow everywhere over Skyrim but now I can't find it, would pair well with this.

Missing Totem Puzzle Pillars : – It's only right to switch them up a bit (but texture consistency)..

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East Empire Strongbox Logo : – Adds the logo to all relevant strongboxes in the Dragonborn DLC.

Ancient Dwemer Metal – That Missing Barrel : – Just a single missing texture.

BabushAlik'r Headgear – Fine Hat Replacer : – They always looked out of place to me, but these may be too Redguard for some.

Better Vanilla Hair for Elves : – A few is better than none.

Wiseman303's Critter Fixes : – Check top comment on issues about Spriggans and critters dying. Now think, is this a bug or immersion?.. You decide.

DavidJCobb's Bug Fixes : – More bug fixes you may or may not notice but wouldn't hurt.

I Want Better Arrows : – No .esp, just vibes.

Book Books from Hiro :

Newmiller's Spell Book Retextures 2 :

Improved Book and Journal Meshes :

Which Quest's Item : – Whose Quest Is It Anyway? Man, Which Quest's Item Is It Anyway? That's what I wanna know.

Compass Location Markers Increased/Decreased : – or just go in SSEEdit and add custom value

Vanishing Dialogue Menu : – Get rid of the dialogue menu mid-sentance, for a cleaner menu.

Slower Lockpicking : – To each their own.

Remember Lockpick Angle : – You know, I would have expected a skilled thief and lockpick such as myself would remember what spot they were at. I mean I remember, but my character doesn't remember. Uh-mer-sion

Improvement Name Customizer : – Give those weapon and armor names a little more flavor.

Change SkyUI L and R Icon – Better Favorites Menu : – This saved my life plenty of times. Changes them to P(rimary) and S(econdary), or G and D for something, idk.

Better SkyUI Config – Smart Sorting by Type : – Okay. This and the one's below take a little work. Check the highlighted post in the comments. Start with this (or any really) as a base. Download or to compare text files. Compare with the rest, edit the base, and you have a better user interface.

SkyUI Config Tweak – Equipped Items on Top :

SkyUI – Value to Weight by Default :

Modern and Minimal SkyUI Theme : – Now we just need a patch for this and literally every other SkyUI tweak.

My job is finished, please show me some hidden gems that aren't found on Nexus or stashed away in Discords.


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