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What actually came first, ESO, or TES: Arena?

Content of the article: "What actually came first, ESO, or TES: Arena?"

Pardon my mistake if this question has been answered fifty times over.

I keep seeing places telling me that ESO came before TES Arena, and other places telling me ESO was right after Arena. My gut tells me ESO was after, for one reason only.

Argonian belief tells of the "Argonians" before the reptiles we know today. It's said these Argonians were not reptiles, and at the end of their lifetime, became the Hist Trees that dot Black Marsh. From these trees, the reptilian Argonians were born.

If anyone has played Arena (or at least taken five minutes of their life to look up "Arena Argonians" on Google), they'd know that Argonians in that game were not reptiles, but green-haired, black skinned "humans," far from the Reptiles that followed them in Daggerfall.

In ESO, of course, Argonians look as how we know them. Reptiles. This sparks a conflict in the "ESO -> Arena" argument, as there is no logical reason as to why Argonians would devolve into Arena Argonians, only for them to return to reptiles in Daggerfall. Unless if Bethesda has seemingly forgotten their own world-building, in which if that is the case, I now think a bit less of them.

Arena -> ESO -> seems to be the only logical timeline given the timeline of Argonians themselves. Even Khajiit never took a cat-like look until Daggerfall, which again puts ESO after Arena. I have seen a few hints that might tell me that ESO might come between Morrowind and Oblivion, as there's a mention of slavery in Morrowind being outlawed "not too long ago." I think I've seen Mournhold within Black Marsh's borders, so it's likely ESO might come later in the series than we thought (that is all conjecture based on one line from a quest in ESO, so this is up for debate as well).

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So which is it? My thoughts and "studies" tell me Arena came before ESO, though I could be entirely wrong.


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