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What are the implications of the Dragonborn serving Herma-Mora?

In both the Oghma Infinium questline and the Dragonborn questline, Herma-Mora makes it clear that he expects us to become his champion, and not just in a: "you helped me out once so I give you a cool artifact" way.

And yet, despite insisting that we serve him… for the most part we don't actually end up doing much to help him. Throughout the entire game, I can only think of two things we did that directly benefited Herma-Mora:

  1. Freeing the Oghma Infinium.
  2. Convincing the Skaal to give up their secrets.

I'm not counting defeating Miraak. Partly because Miraak was more of a threat to us than Mora, so we were going to have to defeat him anyway. And partly because Miraak was already in Apocrypha, so Mora could have killed him at any time. Heck, Mora is the one who ends up killing him in the end. The only reason Miraak was kept around was for Mora's amusement, and also to serve as an example of what happened to those who defy him.

Meanwhile, Herma-Mora showers us with rewards – artifacts, knowledge, spells, shouts. But we don't actually do anything for this other than clear out dungeons or wander apocrypha for a bit, and neither of these benefit Mora in the slightest.

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So far, there have been zero downsides to serving Mora. Everything he asks us to do is either stuff that we were going to do anyway, or things that cost us nothing, and it's usually to solve problems that were engineered by Mora himself. Miraak didn't do much for Mora either – he betrayed the dragons, got defeated, and then spent the next few thousand years living rent-free in Apocrypha so that the Last Dragonborn could arrive to kill him (simultaneously punishing a disloyal servant while also showing his new servant what happens to disloyal servants.)

Which makes me wonder… when is the other shoe going to drop? When is Mora actually going to start treating us as his agent and have us run errands for him? Does he view each gift he grants us as a debt we will eventually need to repay? What is he going to make us do? Gather more knowledge for him? Punish mortals who insult him?

And what will be the consequences for refusing? It's not like there's ever going to be another Dragonborn he can send after us, and we're probably not going to be stupid enough to enter Apocrypha after making Mora into an enemy.

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