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What happened to the Dwemer?

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So TheEpicNate315 posted a pretty interesting video on YouTube a few days ago, and it has left me thinking. (For those who haven’t seen it) The video was all about what potentially happened to the Dwemer race, and I encourage you to watch it (link at the bottom of the post). I figured I’d give my thoughts on the subject and hope to get some feedback and some more ideas and conspiracies.

So they either disappeared and died off, were teleported thousands of years into the future, are in the plains of Oblivion, or something else. I don’t personally buy the “they all just disappeared” thing. Well, obviously did. But I mean the fact that they all just died. I don’t buy it. But the two main theories (teleported through time, plains of oblivion) seem pretty likely. In fact, I believe they BOTH might be true. Here’s a little bit of what I mean:

I genuinely believe that Kagrenac tampered with the heart and got exactly what he wanted. I think Kagrenac created a God that could manipulate the mortal plane. Maybe Kagrenac ordered for this God to give the Dwemer the ability to freely walk the plains of Oblivion as well as throughout time. Maybe the Dwemer split their society in half: one half living in some of the many Oblivion realms and the other half living some time in the future. Maybe they wanted to see the effects of such a change in mortal civilization while living in the Oblivion realms, and also learn of the technological advancements made in the future; all with the primary intent to return and dominate Tamriel.

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Or even more interestingly, maybe the Dwemer have their own Oblivion realm. As in just created another field of Oblivion. Maybe they actually achieved their belief that they are equal to the gods. And as a result, their people were taken from Nirn and are forbidden from returning ever again.

TL:DR Maybe the Dwemer are in Oblivion and the future learning of the technological advancements made and learning of what goes on in Oblivion, or the Dwemer have their own Oblivion realm and are forbidden from walking on Nirn ever again.

What do you think?

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