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What in the hypocritical nonsense is this?

Content of the article: "What in the hypocritical nonsense is this?"

Greetings, today I request your aid in bidding farewell to an unproductive paradigm. Many of us have heard the saying of "not judging a book by its cover". Prior to today, I had believed that I was a great follower of this teaching. But alas, I have been proved wrong once againth.

Throughout the monochromatic disappointment we often refer to as life. I have often been judged based on the way I look or where I come from. So I vowed to never do that myself. Yet here we stand.

Upon arrival in Tamriel. I encountered many high level players. From them, I formulated the idea that all Vet players were well established individuals who would not even consider conversing with a lowly skeever such as I. There seemed to be a line in the sands of Alki'r. You were either here from the get go. Or you were… Who were you again?

Lately, I have made a friend. I tried my best to support them in their journey. But the other day, my friend reached 50. I then saw a very large number next to their name. That was where the self doubt and low self esteem joined the group. I immediately questioned their motives for hanging out with me. I thought that they must have been having a laugh hearing advice from a dopey Vardenfell roach. I then preceded to act differently towards them. The good vibes scattered with the fumes of the sulfur pits.

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What I failed to realize was that a few individuals do not speak for the collective. So often have I learned in treatment that Overgeneralizations are dangerous. I knew that, but failed where it truly matters. It's application within the everyday.

What was done to me in the past. Seems to have become what I do to others. My aunt would always said that we have two choices. To learn a lesson or repeat it until we truly understand. I suppose the reason for putting people in boxes is that it is simply easier that way. It is much more daunting to give each person the chance they deserve. Perhaps risking the possibility of being hurt again.

To my friend, thank you for hanging out with me. You are the first person to have a conversation with me who doesn't write me prescriptions or forces me to relive past trauma. A bit TMI there but I'm just a lonely hermit. I am sorry for judging you based on your level. Which sounds very lame.

If anyone has a similar mindset to mine. What has occurred in the past has passed. We are never condemned to a certain mindset. From now, let's try to at least give people a chance. Just because the sight of me brings up memories of the Hoarver Pit. Does NOT mean that I always smell like the Hoarver Pit.

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I am unsure if this was coherent or understandable. But I would rather not read it for a bit. I'd like to thank ESO for reminding me of what's important. I'd also like to that the kind people in game. You really make ESO a better place.

I hope this doesn't get smited by the all powerful moderators. Not sure that this relates to ESO enough. But I gave it a shot.


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