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What mods for playing a Mage? and some other questions from returning player

Content of the article: "What mods for playing a Mage? and some other questions from returning player"

I've played a heavily modded Skyrim LE for some years, but then played other games.

Now finally bought the SE and want to return. What always felt lacking compared to how powerful your weapons got was magic. This time I want to play an "authentic" Mage and wonder what mods to use.

Going to Nexus shows lots and lots which adds new spells, but well back in LE days most weren't really all the useful in practice. What I'm looking for is quality not quantity. "Boring but practical" even.

I remember Forgotten Magic Redone, of which I intend to get the SE version. But what about the others? Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim and Arcanum – A New Age of Magic for example look interesting, but how are they in practice?

So first question: Which spells mods to get?

  1. I recall also using a mod that increases spell power as your skill increases, instead of just decreasing cost. But I can't remember it's name. What's a good mod for that?

  2. I'd also like to use proper mage robes instead of light armour and possible Staffs and wands. Any recommendations?

  3. Any other mods and suggestions for "house rules" to use for playing as a Mage in Skyrim?

Some non Mage questions:

  1. I really liked using the old Nexus Mod Manager. If I get the newest community version will that one still work for current Skyrim SE and the mods or do I need a newer one? I read lots of recommendations for MO2, but I really don't like the "Virtual Install" concept. I want to install, then have the files there and start the game via the SKSE loader instead of having to go through the Mod Manager every time. Which would leave me only with Vortex unless I'm missing one.

  2. Are there any new "DLC sized" expansion mods like Falskaar I should try. I recall one about the Orsimer homeland being in developement years ago?

  3. Besides the new Mod Managers are there any other changes I should know about regarding Skyrim modding. Stuff like needing to use FNIS as prerequisite for others.

  4. I got an SSD nowadays, but space there is always at a premium and chances are by the time I'm done modding just the downloaded archives not to mention the actual install will take lots of space. Is the performance on a HDD good enough to play on?

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