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What mods would you recommend for a zero-to-superhero playthrough?

For my latest playthrough, I want a set of mods that will allow me to start out struggling to make ends meet, but I want to be able to level up all of my skills so eventually I can become One Punch (wo)Man given time and training.

Among other things, I want to uncap the 100 max on all skills and have going past that 100 actually matter. I also want to get enough perk points that I can eventually get every useful perk in every skill tree instead of speccing into a small subset of trees and playing that.

I want to eventually be able to enchant single pieces of gear with massive amounts of regen and damage (say +5000%) and enchant up to 3 enchants per piece of gear (for all gear), but without abusing the resto loop. I want this overpoweredness to be a feature, not an exploitation.

I want my character stats to be dependent on my skills (kinda like how this mod does it) and I want more stats than just the base game provides, probably closer to the stats system of morrowind or oblivion.

I want to be able to create my own spells but I want the power of spells I created to be tied to my stats so that I have to keep going back and rebuilding my spells as I level up.

And finally, I want some kind of fashion system whereby I can equip fashionable pieces (like the Lind's mods compilation) and have them show up, but also have actual enchanted armor underneath that doesn't show.

Some mods I'm considering right now for this playthrough are (in no particular order)

Auto Health Magicka Stamina


SpellCrafting for Skyrim

Lock on mod

TK's various combat mods

Ultra Cloak

Uninterrupted Invisibility

700 Percent Fus Ro Dah (potentially I might even mod this so it's 2100% instead of 700%, I have modded it before so it was 1200% and that felt a lot better to me than 700%)

Dragonball Powers and Techniques

CBBE and Bodyslide (CBBE provides a (IMO) better muscle map for female characters)

Morrowloot Ultimate

Skyrim Unleveled (I hate levelled enemies, after a hundred-and-fifty hours I want to feel like a god amongst mortals as I flick my finger and send entire cities flying a-la Deku at 100%)

Experience (I'm kinda iffy on this because I do want to gain player character experience from levelling skills and this particular one prevents that, but I also like gaining experience from exploration and completing quests)

Achieve That!

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Classic Elder Scrolls Attributes

Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Ultimate Combat

These are all mods I've used before (but not at the same time) and they all have features I want, but many of them are limiting in that I can't eventually, given enough playtime and training, become a demigod. I really want to get to the point where I'm knocking dragons wings off their bodies with one fus and blasting entire cities into craters, but I want to actually work for it. I don't want to just have the power handed to me or use exploits like the resto loop to obtain it. I want it to take blood (not really), sweat (a lot), and tears (hopefully only a few) to ascend beyond mortalness and become a semi-divine walking, talking nuke.

Oh and I want it to be on oldrim because while I have SSE I just… don't like playing it as much (I made it to the bear part of the tutorial and just quit and went back to oldrim for what was then, at the time of SSE's release, my 7th playthrough)

So, do you have a recommended mod or list for me to consider for this playthrough?

I'm not even really sure all of this is possible but I'm desperately hoping it is…


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