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What NOT to put in Merged patch?

Content of the article: "What NOT to put in Merged patch?"

About to create a merged patch for my mod list, since I’m well over 100 now, and it would seem I could benefit from one from what I’ve read. I will also likely create a bash patch, since I haven’t used any of these patches so far and I imagine they can only help my game run smoother. So my question becomes what NOT to put in a patch? Looking at guides and it seems simple, but I did see one guide that mentioned not putting mods like FNIS and it’s patches in the patch. I use NEMESIS, and I do have a dummy FNIS esp, i’m guessing for xmpse. I think nemesis is only used for CGO, Jump behavior overhaul, and 360 movement. So do those mods not go in the patch? And what about patches for said mods? Or am I overthinking things? Also, you want to make sure your load order is in the right order before creating the patch as well, right? For example when I use LOOT, I have to go back afterward and manually move a couple plug-ins I use for NPC overhauls, to fix black face bugs (Bijin, Ordinary Women, Pandorables), so after doing those adjustments, that’s when I would create the patch, right? I also have immersive armors, guard armor replacer, and armored legion, and I read somewhere you have to be careful with those in a merged patch (can’t find exactly where I read it though, still looking). I haven’t had issues yet and turned some settings off in immersive armors, but just want to make sure I don’t create problems when trying to fix them.

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Also, slightly off-topic. I’ve never seen anyone mention it, but I realized more than just the main plugins, patches can cause the black face bug as well. I know the key is making sure your left pane and plug-in order match. I had:

Pandorables Ordinary Women Bijin

And then a bit further down after installing more mods

Pandorables Cutting room floor patch

And that was enough to make the black face bug come back haha. At least I think so. It was fixed by moving cutting room floor patch further up. So is it correct to have to be very cautious with patch placement as well?

Sorry for the wall of text. Happy modding!


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