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What ‘quitting’ Skyrim is like (In my opinion)

Content of the article: "What ‘quitting’ Skyrim is like (In my opinion)"

​Here's how I told it to my friend the other day, word for word.You'll be bored or maybe you'll just not want to work on that stack of homework/paperwork on your desk and you'll see Skyrim on your shelf.

You'll remember that time you killed a Stormcloak by shooting him in the balls, your first time killing a dragon, that time you saw Shadowmere and had a nerdgasm at how cool he was. Then your mind will start to wander. It'll wander back to your first playthrough and you'll remember experiencing everything for the first time, you'll remember all those silly mistakes you made, like not levelling the right skills or killing your horse.

You might feel a little embarrassed, but then you'll remember stealth killing everyone in Whiterun, becoming a vampire lord or werewolf for the first time. You may have even mastered all the spell skill trees. "I've done everything." You'll tell yourself. "There's no reason to play Skyrim again." You may turn back to your paperwork and start slogging through it, but then that little voice in your ear will start to whisper. *You never completed the Dawnguard storyline. You never got all the words of power. You didn't marry Aela.*

So you stop what you're doing and put on Skyrim. Just hop onto one of my higher levelled characters and do the things I need to. But it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel natural. This isn't the character you were familiar with when you played, this is a stranger. You don't remember what spells you have as your favourites, you can't remember what chest your put your weapons in. But, you can't just turn off the game. You spent all this time setting it up. So you decide to make a new character. "I can't remember the last time I used two-handed weapons, I'll be a Nord this time."

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Now you're stuck in the character creation. You can't remember how you made your Nords look so you start from scratch. You finish and you're somewhat happy but it's not perfect. You keep going until it's just right. A quick glance at the clock tells you you've been here for nearly an hour now. But all that time for nothing, you've got to play some right? You've even got your old mods installed so you don't have to start in the carriage. You could start as an Imperial Soldier or a member of the Companions.

Then you remember that mod you installed years ago that puts in an extra 4 unique weapons of every type that are spawned randomly around the world. Now you've got to find them too. So you start your journey anew.

You're level one and it feels tedious. You could have sworn it only five hits to kill a dragon, not several dozen. But you tough it out, you've got a goal to reach and nothings going to stop you.

The hours tick by and you run out of time to game. Maybe it's school or a pressing work deadline. So you put the game on hold, promising to return later and finish what you started. You come back the next day and keep going. The same process continues as the days' tick by, your hours adding up. Then comes your holidays and now nothing can stop you from playing. The weeks pass, then the months. It's now been over five months since you started playing Skyrim again and now you're finally done. You've collected those weapons, you've finished the Dawnguard DLC, you are fluent in the dragon's tongue and married Aela. Now you've finally finished everything in Skyrim.

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You shelf it as a keepsake. You couldn't put this game with all the old ones you don't play anymore. It doesn't deserve that. Its world deserves respect and gratitude for the thousands of hours you've spent exploring its crevices. You smile sadly at the thought of not having a goal to play Skyrim again. But that's okay, you've had some good times and now you need to move onto other RPGs, maybe finally try Kingdom Come Deliverance.

The months without Skyrim tick by. You've played your new RPG, you've cried at the newest exclusive game but now you're bored. There's nothing new to do. And then you see Skyrim sitting on the shelf, and you think about the good times. But something creeps into your brain and whispers, *You never collected all the Stones of Barenziah.*

You pull out Skyrim and say to yourself, "One more adventure wouldn't hurt would it?"


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