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What really is the argonians’ “dream-wallow” ritual?

Content of the article: "What really is the argonians’ “dream-wallow” ritual?"

Spoilers for the Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire expansion!

So, I'm running a Pathfinder 2e game (a tabletop game like DnD) that uses the main questline of the Murkmire expansion as its premise, and in this questline, the protagonist takes part in an argonian ritual called a dream-wallow. I'm trying to see if there's any lore, direct or otherwise, that can help flesh out a definition for what the dream-wallow actually is.

From what I know, it seems that the dream-wallow is a way of communicating with the Hist, or really for the Hist to communicate with you by showing you visions. That said, the particular vision the protagonist has suggests a lot greater power than simply information tranfer, as the vision they have not only lets them experience the events of the past, but actually take an item from the past into the present. Perhaps it can be more mundanely explained as the Hist being extremely well-planning, having engineered the plan for the rescuing of the Remnant of Argon since the day it was created.

What's unclear is how commonly this ritual is used for other purposes, if it's keyed to particular Hist, or how powerful a force of magic it really is. The fact that different tribes have their own unique methods/components of performing a dream-wallow, and members of these tribes can recognize elements of them quickly (as is demonstrated by Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn in the questline), suggests that the ritual is used at least a few times in a given tribe during a typical argonian lifespan, if not more.

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Further, the differing components suggests that it is keyed to individual Hist, in some way or another. This leads me to wonder what exactly is enabling the vision presented in the quest's dream-wallow; is it a joint effort of the Bright-Throat and Dead-Water Hist trees, as it uses both of those tribes' ritual components? Is it a vision pre-powered by the sleeping Hist tree of the Root-Whisper tribe? Perhaps some combination, as it seems that the former two trees are actively working to help the latter?

I'm under the impression that very little definitive lore exists for the Hist in general, much less an ESO-only concept like this, so speculation is welcome!


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