The Elder Scrolls

What we did with Mama’s Corpse

They found Mama face-down in the river, half frozen in ice. They think she slipped on the rocks, hit her head and drowned but I don’t know if that’s true. I haven’t seen her yet.

Mama wanted me to practice my writing while she was gone. I hope she likes my writing now. I’ve been practicing a lot.

Dada and Big Sister went and saw her today, they’re keeping her safe in the Clever-Man’s house while they talk about what they’re gonna do with her. They haven’t told me yet, I don’t like it when they don’t tell me things, but I overheard that they’ll take her to the Crypt in the hills.

It’s morning and we’re at the entrance to the Crypt now. We left at dawn and I’m still really tired and cold. I saw Mama and she had a big owee on her forehead and she looked really cold and pale. I was sad, I don’t want her to be dead anymore. I told the Clever-Man and he said I shouldn’t worry because she won’t be for much longer and that made me feel better.

Me, Dada, Big Sister, the Clever-Man and some people from the village all helped carry Mama to the Crypt in the hills. The snow was really thick and hard to walk through. The Crypt door is stuck and everyone is trying to open it up now. They think it’s frozen.

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They got the door open and we all went inside the crypt. Dada told us to be quiet or the Draugr will hear us. I’m not afraid of any Draugr. They shut the door when we were all inside, it’s warm in here more than home.

They put Mama on a table and took off all her clothes. Then the Clever-Man got a knife and cut open her belly. Then they started pulling out all her guts. Then they started pouring honey and alcohol over her body and in her belly. It was really gross and I felt sick watching it.

I didn’t want to watch Mama being hurt so I ran away. I felt sad and scared and sick. I could hear Big Sister following me but then I didn’t. I ran into the Crypt and got lost. I saw dead bodies with their skin all grey and shrivelled. There were spiders too that were creepy.

I heard some footsteps but they weren’t Big Sister. I saw someone walking around in the shadows. Then Big Sister found me and grabbed me, she covered my mouth. She tried to pull me away back the way I came but when we were going through a doorway a Draugr walked out and blocked us. It had a big sword and armour on. It looked at me and it’s eyes were blue and glowing and really creepy. I was scared and Big Sister looked scared too. Then the Draugr stepped away and let us go past.

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We went back to Dada and I have him a big hug and he was really happy I was back but angry at me that I left. When I got back the Clever-Man was wrapping Mama in bandages so I didn’t have to see any more gross stuff. Dada went up and started hiding our gold coins in the bandages. Then when all the bandages were on the Clever-Man started saying some magic words and waving his hands, there was some glowy magic stuff around Mama.

Then they picked Mama back up and carried her into the Crypt and put her in a little hole in the wall. Dada put her favourite axe on her and Big Sister put a wooden shield on her. Then we all decided to go back home.

On the walk home I was upset at the Clever-Man because he said Mama would be alive again but she isn’t. The Clever-Man told me that she’ll come back to life soon when she’s ready and that I might be able to visit if Dada lets me.

I asked him why we did all of this and he said that people who don’t die honourably in battle can’t go to Shor’s Hall so to make sure that Mama can go there after all the Clever-Man is going to have her come back so a warrior can kill her in battle. He said that to make sure she doesn’t rot away in the meantime they mummified her body. He said the gold that Dada put in her bandages was payment for the warrior who will one day kill her.

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Dada then said that it’s what she wanted to happen to her, but that it’s not all good because she can feel everything in the meantime and she won’t be able to rest. That doesn’t sound very nice.

I hope Mama doesn’t have to be a Draugr very long. If I was big and strong I would go kill her myself to make her happy.


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